Dungeon Upgrade

[Cleaning up the Draft folder.  This one I started in July of last year…..]

Ever have one of those brainstorms where you think to yourself “wouldn’t it be great if I had the time, money and space to do…..something”?  Yeah, me too.  Though I have the time, I don’t yet have the money or space to culminate my dreams in that particular venue.  So I have to make do.

Essentially what I have right now is a multi-use area that is in the basement of my 19th century house. While the walls are made of fieldstone (and a very ancient form of mortar) someone in their wisdom decided to put particleboard over it probably somewhere in the 1960s to make an ad-hoc workshop and pesudo man-cave. The things that were left behind by the previous owners suggest that. Low ceilings, exposed joists, it’s not exactly what one would want for a play area. Certainly Melanie Rose and her merry band of contractors would probably manage to have a field day with this space. I, am not them, nor do I have an unlimited budget to make my dreams come true. In essence, I’m going to be doing the best I can with a lot less.

At present my wife uses the area for her recumbent bike, and at times I’ve had a weight bench there, as well as my spanking bench that I bought in the early 2000s on eBay. More than one person either working on the house or servicing the furnace has confused it with a piece of exercise equipment, and I didn’t have the heart to tell them what it was really for. I’ve dabbled with the idea of getting another bit of kink furniture, but with the limited space it really doesn’t make much sense. I thought about getting a cut-down version of a St. Andrew’s cross, but the few kinky furniture builders I contacted wanted very expensive prices for what essentially would be a smaller size of a standard cross.

Even though I’ve had many months and years to think about reorienting the area for kink play, there’s just a lack of actual space, and limited ability to rearrange things semi-permanently for my needs. Too, it’s somewhat damp at times, so I can’t store my toys down there (way too much invested to do that, I’ve actually been rather fortunate my spanking bench hasn’t mildewed over the years), and putting up things like sconces, or kink-type decorations would be a rather large red flag for any repair folks that might have need to access the basement.

Over the years I’ve thought about the upstairs bedroom that we used to use for guests. There are 2 bedrooms there, but one is used for storage, and it has a rather low ceiling to begin with, and the other bedroom is mostly taken up by a large queen size brass bed. So I’m back to considering the basement.

It’s really been my ‘go-to’ playspace over the years. In the last year my Pet and I have done some cleaning and rearranging, but I’d really like to make it less like a part of the basement and more of a dedicated space. The only problem being my wife uses it as the idea place for her indoor bike riding… Can’t very well have both things going on in the same small square footage. So the conundrum remains.

Perhaps I do need a kinky contractor.

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