Keep the Holidays Merry

We’re deep in the Christmas season, and my pet and I are still long distance.  The fact of the matter is, for the forseeable future that’s going to remain the case.  Even so, we try to celebrate the holidays best that we can, maintaining our connection and checking off another season til we can see one another again.

Be that as it may, we make every attempt to keep our dynamic fresh.  We write one another every day, there are other means of communicating that we make use of, phone calls, texts and even video chats every now and again, along with pictures, many many pictures sent hither and yon.  We’ve been managing to keep ourselves occupied with this for nearly 7 years now.  Our goal is for one day to be together, but until then, this is what we have.


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  1. Yes we do, Pet. I am thankful every day for you, and what we have cobbled together over the past 7 years. Happy 6th Anniversary.

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