lament  [ləˈment] - noun
1. an expression of regret or disappointment

Of all of the kink-related toys that I’ve either purchased or acquired over the years, I would have to say far and away my collection of floggers are my most prized.  That being said, I somewhat regret choosing the Heartwood elk flogger instead of the Heartwood Leather Pride deer flogger when my second submissive and I parted ways.

Now this is going back more than twenty years, mind you.  The only flogger that I own/co-own that’s older than that is the flogger my wife and I received as a wedding present in 1993.  Yes, from a kinky friend.  That one is purple and was made by a rather famous (for the scene) crafter by the name of Metz.  She is long since retired now.

I was thinking about them the other day when I messaged one of my scene friends that had promised me many years ago to make another Leather Pride flogger just like the one that I passed up on.  I had done some work for her, and we were going to trade expertise.  She’d make me a flogger in partial payment for what I had done for her electronically.  Only, she was in the process of caring for her aged mother, so she wasn’t able to hold up her end of the bargain.  And now I discovered that the website that she had been holding on to for possibly restarting the business lapsed in payment and was gobbled up by a Chinese holding company.  And even worse.  I just happened to look at her profile on FB, did a little digging into it, and discovered that she passed away in 2021.  Well, that does explain why she went silent.  RIP my friend.

Another lament.

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    1. Thank you my friend. It was a bit of a shock, but it answered the question I had as to her whereabouts.

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