A little help goes a long way

The other day I was browsing through Fetlife when I came across a post on a selling group from someone semi-local to me.  She was trying to sell a set of kinky furniture she had purchased as a present for her (then) submissive who, when seeing the equipment apparently had a change of heart and it doomed the relationship (I can’t even fathom something like that, quite devastating!).  In the post, she had all the information that one would need for someone else to possibly purchase, except….no pictures.

In this particular group, if you don’t follow all the requirements to the letter, the admins delete your post without warning.  Twice this woman had posted (the first time without any pictures at all, and the second time with an addendum that said pictures were available on her profile, but no direct links), and twice the posts were removed.   After the first go round, I wrote to her, informed her that I had an inkling as to why her post was removed, and offered my assistance.  She said that she could handle it on her own and politely rebuffed me.  Which is fine, I thought no more about it.

Until a week later, she wrote and said that she could actually use some assistance after all and did my offer still stand?

Of course, it did.  I’m not an ogre, and I can well understand someone wishing to try their own hand at solving a problem and then having the wherewithal to say “No, I don’t got this, I need some help.”  That takes gumption and I’m definitely a fan of someone that can admit they need help.

We agreed upon a time and she called me on Friday morning.  I showed her how to embed links into her posts, walked her through how to navigate the site, which she had been having a bit of a time with.  She said that she has been working in IT for some time, but the site seemed to be a bit backward in some respects and yes, it does.  It’s not a point-and-click sort of site, it’s been built for the most part from scratch, and it doesn’t seem like a modern website in many respects.  It’s designed around forums and groups, and most of it is textually based.  While we were talking, I noted that she posted a new version of her ad on the group and it was designed the way the admins wanted it.  As of this writing, it’s still up.

We actually talked for about 45 minutes.  She’s an interesting person that has been going through a rough patch.  I’m glad I was able to help and hopefully, she can find the right home (and recoup her investment) for her things.  They’re very nice items, but I neither have the funds to alleviate her problem nor the room in the house (or storage) to house them.  More’s the pity, but that’s the way it is here.


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  1. I’m glad it worked out for her in the end. It’s always nice to have someone willing to help out and yes even after we try and fail! lol It happens such is life, it was good of you not to be offended at her want to try alone, first. Some would have taken that personally and it’s clear she really didn’t mean it that way. Good on you! 😀

    1. Yes, I think it worked out well in the end. Though I did think more than once that her loss could have been my gain. But I don’t have the funds nor the space to use them right now. And who knows, the design of them is pretty basic and almost in my wheelhouse, so in theory they could be duplicated for far less than the vendor she used.

      In many ways, my meager abilities are out there for hire. Sometimes I might even charge for them!

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