Little Monster

It’s been a while. But not as long as I thought it would be after losing my previous cat (Rochester) to a cancerous tumor.

There’s a new kitten in the house. And there have been adventures already. She’s a little thing, but as the saying goes, ‘Though she be but little she is fierce‘.

2 Replies to “Little Monster”

  1. If only you knew how ironic that name is to me …. lol *wink*
    I’ve missed your writing, I’ve missed my own too! Maybe this is a sign …
    Hope you’re doing well this new year!

  2. Wow, now you have me curious as to what all that entails! I’ve missed your writing as well. My own writing as been shelved for a variety of reasons, which will probably actually make a decent entry into the blog. Though I’m in the process of resurrecting it on a different host, since my previous one decided to jack their fee 450%. Which is ridiculous.

    Might very well be a sign. Why not, eh? We’re doing ok this year, definitely better than the last or even the year before. Another year older and wiser, right? Well, sounds good.


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