Rising from the Ashes

One might refer to this as a 2.0 version of this blog. I had a backup before I had to abandon my previous hosting service (they wanted to charge me 450% more for 2023 than they had each of the previous 16 years I was with them), but as of this writing, I’ve been unable to use it to repopulate this space.  

With another blog that I manage, I was able to use the Internet Wayback Machine to resurrect many of the entries.  The private ones I didn’t have access to (obviously), but I was able to reconstitute about 90% of the original content.  Enough that the blog owner was happy with what I could do with it.  

As this is just a snippet, I’m planning on continuing the journey, and post more content as the time and desire arises.  So, keep an eye out, there will be more here as the days go by.