Old Dogs and New Tricks

The other day, I was combing through my email and a Fetlife post caught my eye.  It was from someone that wasn’t on my radar, and they were posting about a steel collar that they had recently crafted in their home workshop and were posting not only pictures but a veritable how-to of how they did the work.

Which is rather unusual, to say the least for the platform, and many places in general.  Most post pictures of their work, or what they have in their toy collections, without really giving any background, just sort of a ‘here’s my thing’ and that’s about it.  I went to this person’s profile and perused more of their pictures and posts.  Commented on some and ‘gave love’ to others, which interested me.

On the collar post, there was a good deal of back and forth commenting between myself and her, and I took the time to follow them on the platform, for future reference.  In another post, I commented that it was nice that she was offering insight on how a certain item was crafted, both in giving insight as well as particular methods.  I’ve often considered making my own toys, and using my imagination to craft things.  Granted I don’t have a good deal of equipment to do anything really detailed (though I bought a 1941 Singer Model 66 last year with the intent of sewing leather cuffs and restraints which I haven’t yet brought to fruition) as of yet, but perhaps in time when I’m not swamped by work and other issues, I can set aside some time to get my act together in that regard.

I may be getting old (58 is rapidly approaching in the next 2 weeks) but I’m not putting myself out to pasture just yet.  There’s more stuff to do yet.