Our ‘Chair’

A kinky friend of mine posted today about a session she and her Master had with a particular piece of furniture they own.  It easily reminded me of many conversations my Pet and I have had over the years about the inclusion of a similar piece of furniture that could be incorporated into our play.  She’s sent me pictures of different types, each more ornate than the next.  Certainly, any one of them could be fantasy fodder for any type of scene, from basic worship up to and including detailed BDSM play.

While I was composing an answer for my friend’s blog, I began relating a story about how a rather unique chair came to become a treasured memory for my Pet and I.   While I was writing, I thought instead of posting it there, I would write about it here.  So here’s the story.

It was in 2018, we were meeting in Harrisburg, PA for a visit equidistant to one another.  We were going to play, but we also decided to do a bit of sightseeing, and one of the places we went to was the Fire Museum there.  Amongst the other items in the building was a set of rather ornate chairs that apparently were used by some quorum at one time or another and were preserved for posterity by the Harrisburg Fire Department.

Suffice it to say, my Pet thought it would be a neat idea to have me pose in the chair, and take a picture, then pose with her kneeling (or sitting) at my feet and take another.  Over the years it’s been one of our favorite pictures, and considering how we like the idea of incorporating a ‘Chair of Honor’ into our plans for the future, it seemed like a good way of commemorating the occasion.