Collar Conundrum

I thought I was done with this issue a couple of years ago when my pet accidentally lost her first collar, and we replaced it with one that seemed a bit more practical, wasn’t necessarily going to get misplaced inadvertently, and wasn’t going to have issues with allergies to its material.

It worked for a few years.  But we’ve run into a bugaboo with the last issue.  As with many metals, aluminum isn’t necessarily designed to be worn for years.  Even with washing, skin oils, and the like, there will be a compatibility problem.

Recently my pet asked for permission to remove her collar as it was beginning to discolor her skin, and cause issues.  Because it was a health and comfort issue, I agreed.  While I’m not thrilled with the idea of her going without it, it’s not as if we’ve abandoned our connection or our dynamic.  It’s just missing the physical representation of the same.  And I’m presently at a loss as to what to replace it with.  My kneejerk reaction is something more permanent, something that can’t be taken off without effort, but again with metal, there is always an issue of safety, and the permanence can be itself an issue.  I don’t want some ER intern running to Home Depot for a hacksaw to remove a Ring of Steel or Eternity collar, as once it’s cut, that’s it, it can’t be repaired.  That’s not to say I would have an issue with it if it was an emergency.  The health of my property is paramount.  Let’s not get into that sort of discussion, it’s counterproductive.

That all being said, it still leaves me with the conundrum.  What’s going to be collar #3?  Or even will there be one?  I have many collars in my toy collection, but they’re essentially play collars, they don’t have significant significance.  They get put on for the duration of the scene, then they’re removed and put away once it’s complete.  I’ve mulled around other options, like perhaps a ring, or anklet, but again I’m not certain either is the right fit for us.  The bottom line it’s partly about symbolism, and a warning to those that would know by seeing it, that she’s not available.  Anyone else (vanillas) is going to see it as a decoration, or affectation, and little else, if they even notice it at all.  “What a pretty necklace!”.  Sure, that’s what it is.

I’ve made no decisions, I’ve just been mulling it over.  And thought I’d write about it.  More than likely I will write about it again.  Soon?  We’ll see,