Recycled Nostalgia

I have a hard time throwing out things.  Especially if they can be fixed.  Or at least if I think they can be fixed.  Consequently, I tend to have a lot of items in the house that are in the process of being fixed.  Or if someone I know has something they’re considering discarding, I’ve been known to ask if I can have it.

For example:  My department manager at work has a tendency to throw out things if they don’t work when he wants them to.  He’s been known to throw away computers and buy new ones, rather than have them fixed.  I know…I know.  WTF?  Fortunately, he doesn’t do his banking online or anything of that nature, but if someone was to mine his various hard drives, there would be a good amount of info in the browsing history, if nothing else.  But try as I might to impress upon him the need to be more careful, he does what he pleases in that regard.

Last week he informed me that he was trying to use his nostalgic stereo console that he’d purchased a couple of years ago, but the turntable wasn’t moving at the right speed.  So instead of having it fixed, he went to the local Kohls and purchased a new one.  Which meant, what to do with the old one?  His solution was predictable, he was going to pitch it.  Throw the whole thing away because one component wasn’t working (the CD player/recorder, radio and cassette player worked just fine btw).  I asked if he’d be willing to give it to me instead.  He was more than happy to do so.

So on Sunday, he presented me with his old stereo.  I brought it home, looked up the manual online and managed to repair it in about an hour.  So now I have a really neat looking stereo and it didn’t cost me a thing!  I’m pretty stoked.