Full Circle

After dragging my old desktop out of purgatory and setting it up again for daily use, I was left to figure out what to do with the laptop I was no longer using.  My plan was to reformat the hard drive and reinstall Win10, but being me, I didn’t do anything with it for a couple of weeks to be sure how this ‘new’ desktop was going to work.  Fortunately, nothing seems to be going amiss with it, so last night I decided to finally bite the bullet and do the deed of getting rid of the old (after having backed up the old hard drive information) and starting anew.  One of the things I needed to do was get a program off the web called Magical Jelly Bean.  What it does is, if you can’t remember where you put the CD key for your Windows installation (and if you happened to not put the sticker that came on the box onto your computer) you can use this program to find it in the hardware of your machine.  It can also locate keys from other programs that you have installed on your computer, and even better it’s what’s called ‘freeware’, meaning that literally, it’s free, you don’t have to pay for it.  Which is pretty neat, I have to admit.

Using the bean program, I got my CD key information, took a deep breath and went to work.  Using the same flash drive that I’d used for reinstalling Windows on the desktop, I accessed the boot sector on the laptop and reinstalled Windows there too.  Oddly enough, this time it didn’t ask for my CD key, like it had with the desktop.  It just booted from the flash drive, installed the operating system without a hitch and rebooted again.  Cortana, the Microsoft Alexa type assistant, popped up and spoke to me about getting the computer set up.  Figuring ‘what the heck’, I used it and got the laptop set up pretty quickly.  After the last reboot I went into the software to check and sure enough it stated that Windows was registered.  I’m thinking that Win10 was able to detect the CD key information from the computer BIOS, so that it didn’t have to actually ask me for it.  So long as they’re satisfied that I purchased the software, I’m ok with it too.

My thought this morning was to possibly dual-boot the laptop for Win10 and Linux Ubuntu.  I’ve been meaning to try Linux again, but (as usual) have been a little lax with getting it done, and having a computer starting over from scratch, it will be a prime candidate for such an experiment.  It’s been a long time since Linux was using RedHat solely, I fiddled around with Ubuntu once before, but wasn’t really satisfied with it.  It’s worth it to see if I can get it to work now.