Hello, 54.

Another birthday, another year older.

My birthdays anymore are either ones when I work, or I have the day off and I don’t necessarily do much of anything. Certainly nothing like a party here at Casa Leathers, or any sort of organized celebration. Another milestone achieved really. I may get a present, I may not, it depends a lot on whether I mention there’s something I’ve desired, and just haven’t gotten around to purchasing for myself, and the wife gets it for me (except for a motorcycle….not going to get one of those. At least life-sized).

This year, we’ve been needing a new wheelbarrow and we’ve been off and on shopping for it both online and locally. It has needed to have certain aspects to make it good for both of us (not too big, not too small, dual wheels and so on) and not cost $500. Believe it or not, we’ve spent over two weeks looking at prospects and dismissing most of them as either being too expensive, too cheaply made too many bad reviews, or a combination of those. Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon, all have nice offerings, but none have really checked off all the correct aspects.

The wife suggested the local Tractor Supply as an option. I went there after work one day and scoured the store, but didn’t find any! How odd. I left without checking with a salesperson (should have known better) and came home to report my findings. Going to the online store presence, I discovered apparently in their ‘stock’ it was listed they had several. So we decided to go back on the ‘day’ of my birthday, to check it out further, instead of ordering one online and having it shipped specially to the store.

Parking outside, we headed towards the door, but my wife stopped us to look at something on the wall, and sure enough, there was the beastie that had eluded me so successfully yet days before. But it was HUUUUGE! Way too big for our purposes. Heading inside, I made my way to the Customer Service counter and spoke to the employee there, informing her that we were in the market, but the one she had outside was too big, and did they having anything similar, but slightly smaller? Looking through her computer terminal, she determined that indeed she did, and someone was in the back assembling them.

Horrors! An assembled ‘barrow won’t fit in the new Murano. Would be way too big. Is it possible to get one unassembled? Sure enough, it was. Although admittedly it surprised her that I asked, most of her customers wanted theirs in one piece, not forty. Up stepped the wife (once I corralled her from the far side of the store) and paid for my present. Transported it out to the vehicle, loaded it up and headed for the ice cream stand/greenhouse to celebrate our victory!

I managed a birthday present and ice cream on the same day! I’d say that was a pretty good score. And I had a project to complete when I got home. Which I did. The wheelbarrow is all together, and sitting in the backyard now…with no pieces missing!

I done good. Happy 54th, Leathers.

Happy Birthday, Old Timer

HB-choco cakeI always thought about making a birthday post, but I always thought it was a little self-serving, like I was angling for attention, so I never really do that sort of thing. Except for right now of course. (FWIW, I employ the prestigious law firm of Dewey, Cheatem and Howe in case you want to sue me :p)

Birthdays for me have always been non affairs for the most part, since it was nearly impossible to get kids to come to a birthday party when I was younger. Being born on the cusp of the 4th of July (in the US, elsewhere it’s not going to mean the same thing) meant that your friends were generally (for the most part) on vacations with their families, or celebrating the upcoming holiday and didn’t have time for going to a birthday party. Which was ok for me. I didn’t go in for the hoopla of a birthday really. Presents are nice, but as I get older, I find that I’m starting to run out of room to put things. Which certain people don’t understand, and I have a hard time explaining it without potentially hurting feelings. Which naturally can create hurt feelings when I’m asked “What do you want for your birthday?” and I answer “Nothing.

Granted, now that I have a pet, she wants to get me things.  For Valentine’s Day, my birthday, Christmas and so on.  I can’t fault her for feeling that way, getting things for someone shows love and affection, caring and so on.  She expects gifts for the same days, (and Mother’s Day, since her own children don’t seem to understand the holiday I guess) so I’m happy to do it, but when it comes to me, just wish me a Happy, or Merry something and move on.  I really really don’t need more stuff.  I have a house full of stuff.  A storage bin as well.  I really have too much stuff to be perfectly honest!  Given that I’m trying to lose weight, I don’t even have a cake for my birthday anymore.  I think the last time I did have a birthday cake when I was working at the bakery.  I baked it myself, decorated it myself and (mostly) ate it myself.  I suppose in a way that’s kind of sad.  Or pathetic.  I dunno, it just worked at the time.

Lol..great now I’m depressing myself.  Well anyway, here’s to you old timer.  53 and counting.  Happy Birthday, Leathers.