Updated Inventory

Since I’ve shelved any possibility of being able to play this year, I really don’t have much to report on this blog.  Quite honestly, this wasn’t how I wanted my kinky life to progress.

In the interim, I’ve been contemplating ways to set my toys aside in a safe manner, so they can be picked up again and be in good repair when interaction and play resumes.  I’m hoping that will be in 2021, but without any good news on the efficacy of the vaccines that have been reported, at present that’s little more than a pipe dream.

I posted before about getting storage bins at a place like Big Lots!, and squirreling away things that need better protection like my leather floggers, and industrial/hospital restraints.  The restraints for the most part are a bit more hardy than the floggers, singletails and such.  They’re designed for rough and tumble use, but the hides that the floggers and whips are made from, are a bit more delicate and need to be better stored than just tossed into a box, or hung from a tie rack in the back of my closet.

While I’m mulling and planning for their long-term storage, I’ve been considering making a more definitive inventory of my toys.  Over the past 25 years I’ve been collecting, and putting aside things in a spare bedroom (two, actually) and have in many ways lost track of just what I do happen to have.  When I first started this blog, I did a half-assed photo inventory of my collection, and even posted some of the pictures here.  I definitely think it’s time for an update in that regard.  If for no other reason than to have a better idea of all the different things I have.  I’m certain there are many redundancies, and probably a need for divesting myself of the excess.  My girl has told me that she wants me to keep all of the hospital restraints that I have, even though she might be unaware of just how many of them I do happen to have in my possession.  Not quite enough to outfit your average psych ward, but I could most definitely secure a fair few in good stead.  Food for thought, right?

Many of the items are probably too big or too small for my slave.  Not having had her here to measure against, I bought many things that were a good price, without having a care about size.  Certainly it will be difficult to part with some of the pieces, but if they’re not the right size, then they’re not doing us much good.  There’s only so much space for things, and I’d rather be making use of the toys, rather than just having four or five versions in varying sizes, thinking that in the future there might be need for a size bigger or smaller than she.  I know she has a pet of her own, but most of the things I’ve purchased are with a female form in mind, not a male.  And naturally there are differences when it comes to delicacy versus masculinity.  Too, we have differing tastes in certain things.  So that’s a consideration as well.

I thought I’d put in a small sample of what I made pictures of before.  These were taken on a bedspread, in just the natural light of our spare bedroom, and an overhead light as well.  In the intervening years I actually purchased one of those portable light boxes a few years ago, when I was considering perhaps selling some of my things on eBay.  I sold a couple of phones on Swappa.com and it worked pretty well for that.  Obviously larger items like spreader bars aren’t going to fit in a small box, so I’ll have to consider what I might do for them.  Maybe a lighting cube or just make do with the natural lighting once more.  Since I’m not in the market for selling anything right now that’s less of an issue.

I’d also considered buying an armoire, but unfortunately places like Wayfair, while having some good items, they’re mostly manufactured wood, and I don’t really like the construction of them.  If one is going to have a piece of furniture like that, it should be made of a decent hardwood like mahogany.  But I don’t have a spare $3000 to spend on a mahogany armoire.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at.  As things progress, I’ll probably be posting more here.  Or not.  We’ll see.

Scouting out sites for play

Even though I don’t get the opportunity all that often to play, due to the necessities of the LDR that I’m presently in, it doesn’t stop me from looking around and planning ahead for when the time comes for us to be together.  Even though I live in a house that’s nearly 200 years old, it wasn’t necessarily designed with BDSM play in mind.  The rooms for the most part are small, with high ceilings, and the construction of the walls and ceilings aren’t really conducive towards adding things like anchor points or what would be called ‘hard points’ in the trade, ie: items or things that can be used for tying rope or attaching chain to when restraining someone.

I suppose I could get some lumber or a shipment of pipe and construct a piece (or several pieces) of furniture that would do the same thing (or purchase one from a variety of sellers I’m aware of).  Too, I’ve been contemplating taking welding classes so I could in the far-flung off future create my own diabolical devices, but that’s a ways off.  This is more about places elsewhere that we can play, that would sort of be off the beaten path as it were, and wouldn’t necessarily involve trespassing or being caught in places we’re not supposed to be, either by the landowners, or by the police type authorities.

There are several play-spaces nearby that can be utilized, and I have one scene friend in particular who has in the past offered me use of her in-home dungeon.  I did a favor for her a couple of years ago, and she graciously offered me use of her play space.  I didn’t take her up on it at the time, since the situation between my slave and I was in a different space, and I wasn’t entirely certain she was going to be visiting.  As it turned out I was right.  She didn’t and I wasn’t in need of the space at that time.  I’d have to check to see if the invitation is still open (fairly sure it is), and then make use of it if we’re both agreeable.

The only roadblock to using the play-spaces I alluded to in the previous paragraph is, they’re public play-spaces and usually would be active with a play party of the organization at the time.  They’re not rent-able by private parties, so my girl would have to be comfortable playing in public and at this juncture I’m fairly certain she’s not.  So, while a good idea, it’s going to have to be shelved for the time being.  But waiting also has its downfalls, as play-spaces don’t always stay open long-term.  People get out of the scene all the time, things happen and places close.  It all can be pretty fluid like in all things.  It has a lot to do with money and people getting older and less interested at times.

There’s one place where I live that I would dearly love to either rent or purchase, because it would be ideal for a play space of my own.  It’s an old meat-packing building, though it sits in the off-side of town, and there are residential houses nearby.  Even so it could be easily converted for use, although there have been rumors of it being used by homeless people over the years, and it’s probably in pretty cruddy shape by now.  To me, if I came into a good chunk of money, I’d probably take the chance, but I’ve never been inside the building, so it’s a pipe dream at this juncture.  Just something I’ve always wondered about, thought about and dreamt of.   I actually equate it to the former studios of Insex on J Street in Brooklyn.  Oh, if those walls could talk!

Hit and Miss

Even though it’s been a good 8 months since I last played actively in BDSM, I’m still shopping for good bargains on toys.  Fetlife, Craigslist, Facebook (occasionally) and eBay remain good places to find items that others no longer need/want, new items from (online) storefronts at discounted prices, and items that can be repurposed if possible into additions for my toy collection.

Of course, when you do your shopping online, you run into occasional problems in descriptions, some are vague, others claim to be bigger or smaller than they actually are, so you have to be careful in what you’re offering, or agreeing to pay when the seller asks a certain price.

This week I purchased two steel restraints from two different sellers on eBay.  One is an established company down in Texas; Cuffstore.  They sell BDSM items mainly that are imported from Pakistan.  The steel restraints are generally stamped with the acronym KUB, which stands for ‘KUBind Industries‘ and they’ve been around for many years.  Fortunately, there are several US-based companies that do the importing from them, so one doesn’t necessarily have to deal with customs or items that are either lost in shipping or detained at the border.  Shipping internationally isn’t as easy as it used to be, due to changing political climates and so on.

The other restraint actually came from someone that I knew in passing from the old days on Compuserve.  (Small World) He has a fledgling business where he builds extremely pricey spanking benches.  He calls them ‘The Spankmeister‘.  I only managed to recognize who he was from the name that he used on eBay, it was unique and it caused me to remember him. Now I purchased a one-off spanking bench from someone in Oklahoma on eBay about 20 years ago.  As I recall I paid something like $65 for it, and another (don’t quote me) $40 in shipping as it came by bus.  Yes, it was placed on a bus in the luggage/storage bay and I picked it up at the local bus depot.  This fellow prices his bench at a staggering $1500 (USD) and claims that it’s worth every penny.  I have friends that received a prototype of his original design, they painted it purple (her favorite color) and it’s probably still sitting in their house in NH unless someone else is living there now.

Getting back to the topic, both of the restraints were delivered in the mail yesterday while I was at work. Upon coming home, I opened them, looked them over, did a little marveling at how they were constructed and so on, then tried them out. On me. Since I don’t have a model available to try things out on, and my girl is 3 states away, I tend to do my testing out with myself as the model. I figure the circumference of my wrist and/or ankle (depending) is in the same neighborhood as my girl, so if it doesn’t fit me, it’s unlikely to fit her. The KUB restraint is constructed a little differently than the black one, it has an oval shape that better accommodates the wrist, so it fits me ok. When I went to secure the black restraint, I discovered it’s about a 1/2 inch too small. Won’t come together without pinching my skin. Too, it doesn’t have the oval shape of the other, it’s merely a circle. As I’ve mentioned to my girl on multiple occasions, if something is too large, there are workarounds to pad her limbs to make it snugger. With steel, if it’s too small, that’s it…it’s too small. Of course, it can be repurposed into something else, like a spreader bar, or hung on the wall of the playspace for decoration, so it’s not as if I’m going to sell it. (Sorry nijntje)

Either way, I figure they’re both a good investment. I didn’t pay over and above what one would for similar products, and it should give me the sufficient happiness factor that I was aiming for when I initially made plans to buy them. Of course, the proof in the end is how well they work on my girl, since that’s who’s going to be wearing them for the majority of the time. So yes, there will be revisitation on this issue.