It’s a great deal, but…

I was up this morning at the ungodly hour of six because my alarm clock malfunctioned (or I forgot to turn it off yesterday morning) and it went off at 5:45 am.  Upon rising to use the facilities, I was accosted by my cat (Rochester) who kindly informed me that there were issues downstairs that needed to be attended to.  He also wanted attention, and by attention I mean he wanted to be petted and to attempt to attack my hand as I was doing so.  Morning rituals, yanno.

Going downstairs meant I was going to probably stay up for awhile, as I never seem to be able to do just go down, do something and go back to bed.  Just not my routine anymore.  So of course I went to check his food (it was fine, he just ate a hole in what he had, and when he can see the bottom, he figures the bowl is empty) and get a cup of tea.  Before having the tea, I checked my blood sugar, and it was in the right range to allow me to have my morning libation.  Set the Keurig to do it’s work, and then came in the addition to turn on my computer.


I have my Fetlife account set to send me messages (by email) when there are new posts in certain forums, and one of them is the ‘Kinky Items for Sale’ forum.  Along with different posts about certain items for sale was one that caught my eye.  SYBIAN for sale; well, that was worth a look.  The seller stated that he had a unit for sale that he no longer used because he recently went through a breakup.  Apparently he lends it to his next door neighbors now, and supposedly they’re uninterested in purchasing it from him so he’s offering it to whoever might be interested on Fet.  In his description he goes on to say that he’s offering the base unit along with a trove of attachments, basically he bought just about every attachment that was available from the company and now the whole thing is sitting around gathering dust.

His price is staggeringly reasonable, when you consider he’s including probably 10-12 attachments that alone are probably worth $1200-1500 in addition to the main unit, which if bought new would be about $1k [USD].  He didn’t say how old the unit was, but even so his price makes it a steal.  Normally I wouldn’t haggle (at one time I purchased 20 floggers at $2,000 sight unseen only through the knowledge of who had made most of them) but in this case I had just made a very large purchase the day before in another realm of my life.  So putting out another large chunk of money gave me pause for something that might not be used a whole lot in the immediate future.

Since this was something that wouldn’t be used on me at all, I went to Messenger and posted my morning message to my pet, along with the information and asking her opinion.  As it was a tool that would be used on her exclusively, I needed to know if she thought it was a good purchase to make at this time.  I didn’t expect to get an immediate reply, after all she has the day off and by all rights should be sleeping at 7 am.  Even so, she was awake and messaged me right back and as is her strong suit, wasn’t selfish in the least.  She pointed out that it was a good deal, but I needed to be aware of my limitations, and didn’t need to be spending a lot of money right now on something that would be stored for the foreseeable future. (Good girl!)

So, I’m passing on it.  But still on the lookout for the right deals as well as other things to add to my collection.  Considering I just added 300+ feet of rope to my holdings a few days ago, I haven’t yet finished my splurging.


A little reminder

100_0418I don’t get much action or interest on my Fetlife account, I have had it for ten plus years (I think actually 12 or so, my membership number is around 13,000 and currently new memberships are numbered somewhere around 12 or 13 million fwiw) and my girl has had hers for approximately half that time.  Even so, seeing as her profile is female based, she gets a fair amount of email.  Certainly far more than I ever get.  Not that I’m counting, it doesn’t matter what platform we’d be on, male accounts rarely get the attention female ones do, it’s just the way it’s always worked, and the way it will always be.

Even so, on her profile it says quite clearly (if one bothers to read it all the way through) if someone is Dominant and wishes to write to her, there’s a way to go about it.  If you read it all the way through and follow the rules, you get past the ogre under the bridge.  If you don’t, you get either ignored or reminded that there’s something you missed.  If you continue to pester the slavegirl, the ogre gets mad and makes you aware of your mistake.  That scenario occurred yesterday.

To be honest, yesterday I was already in a bad mood, so the interloper was in for it regardless.  My girl received a message on her Fet account from a Dominant in Florida, asking to be added to her friends list.  Innocent request, there had been an exchange previously between them on a picture she had posted.  He liked and commented on it, she responded, apparently he felt there was some sort of connection so he asked to be added.  Again, if he’d bothered to follow the pretty clear set of instructions, I wouldn’t even be writing about this, but since he didn’t here I am.

On her profile it says essentially (I’m paraphrasing here) ‘if you’re a Dominant and wish to write to me, write to my Master first.  Let him know you’re interested in having a conversation, and let him decide if this is going to go forward.’  To me, it’s a sign of respect if someone wishes to interact with what is essentially my property (not in the legal sense, in our agreed upon sense, I’m not arguing human chattel issues, so don’t get me started) to let me know about it, I don’t want to be getting the information after the fact.

Mr. Florida didn’t bother to follow the directions, he messaged her directly.  Then when he didn’t get a timely response (she’d already informed me of the message, I told her what her rejoiner should be, that he needed to re-read her profile and follow said directions) he wrote her again, apparently perturbed that she hadn’t accepted the request immediately and added insult to injury in suggesting that she didn’t need to be informing me that he messaged, or words to that effect.  She copied the second message to me and at that point I knew it was time to kneecap Mr. Florida so he understood that he was stepping on toes.

I looked up his profile, and proceeded to read him the riot act in my first draft.  Figuring that was going to get a negative response, I re-wrote it, toning things down a little, then after taking the time to re-read it, I started a third draft.  I think overall I was firm but polite, detailing what I saw as being pretty disrespectful, quite daft on his part and informing him that if he wanted to write again, his energies would best be put toward getting on my good side, rather than continuing to ignore me and forward his interest towards her.  After proofreading it one more time I hit send, figuring one of two things was going to happen.  Either he was going to blow it off and block both myself and her on the site, or he was going to explain himself.

He chose Option 1.  Which honestly was probably for the best, because unless he was going to be obscenely gracious and throw himself on the mercy of the court, he was already in the doghouse.  And unlikely to get on my good side.  I just don’t suffer fools gladly.  Since he blocked me, I blocked him in return.  I could have posted this on my own account, but I’d rather post it here.  No sense in causing a row over there.

Anyway, that’s my end of it.  I chose this method to blow off a little steam, and I feel better for it.  I’m off to bed.  G’nite kinky world.

Another door closes

I received a message while I was at work Friday. It was from the woman that I had interacted with last year. We had ‘met’ on FetLife and talked for a while, met in person, and even played a couple of times. But, life as it does, gets in the way. Her family has had issues over a long period of time, and that managed to put a crowbar into our interactions. (No fault of theirs, family issues happen.) Then COVID reared its ugly head and by early 2020, any further meetings were out of the question. So things went dormant. We kept in touch every now and again through FL as well as text, but there were long stretches of time when there would be no communication.

The message said basically, due to multiple deaths in her family over the ensuing months (not due to COVID) and an ongoing medical issue with her parents, she was going to be stepping away from kink for the foreseeable future. That too would mean she wouldn’t be meeting with me anymore either. She thanked me for what I had shared with her, and my patience over the year waiting for something that wasn’t going to reoccur. I told her (truth) that it was enjoyable while it lasted and wished her the best with whatever was to come in the future. I don’t see anything happening further on up the road with her. While it was interesting to explore a bit in the interim, we really didn’t ‘mesh’ very well in my opinion. Being completely brutally honest; I want to be playing with my slave. She’s the one that I’ve invested time and effort in, the one that I want to build a future with. But with COVID running rampant through the country right now, states going through their second version of lockdowns, and travel just not recommended, it’s not going to happen in 2020.

So another door closes. I’m biding my time and hoping for a better 2021. In this morning’s news, Moderna has said that their vaccine for COVID may be 94.5% effective. So there might actually be a light at the end of this tunnel after all. And not an oncoming train.