Lensa BS

On Saturday I got my new glasses.  I’ve never been one to desire splashy frames or specialized much of anything when it comes to my spectacles.  Honestly, I would rather have a pair of frames that just change out lenses every couple of years, therefore there wouldn’t be a tedious breaking in period where I need to get the frames continually refitted.  Fortunately, there’s no cost at the place where I get my glasses.  I can go in anytime, wait my turn and get them adjusted.  It’s all part of what I pay for when I get them in the first place.  Even so, every 2 years when I get new ones, I always ask the same question, and get the same answer.

“Can I just get new lenses for my old frames?”

The reasoning the staff gives is that the frames that I have are now discontinued (convenient) and they cannot guarantee getting replacement parts should something go amiss in the following 2 years and the frames break.  The likelihood of the frames breaking is pretty low, so they’re just covering their own collective asses and charging me more for their convenience.  Of course, I have a vision rider on my medical insurance, so it’s mostly covered.  I think this time out-of-pocket I paid about $300 for the glasses that I have.  I’m older now, have astigmatism and bifocals.  Since I also prefer not to switch out to sunglasses when I go outside, I also to the lengths of getting Progressive lenses that have Transition coating, so they’ll darken in sunlight.  I find it helps as well with flourescent lighting, since I have blue eyes and sometimes I get headaches from exposure to them.

This time, I thought I’d be a little smarter at the end of the transaction.  As we were packing up to leave, I asked Ed, the fellow that we normally work with if I could have a printed copy of my lens prescription.  I don’t remember getting it when I ordered the glasses, and I didn’t wish to clue him in on why I wanted it.  My brainstorm was that I would look up online how much a new pair of lenses would cost, and perhaps I can have my cake and eat see it too, to paraphrase a phrase.  Ed was more than willing to do so, and I got the printed copy before we left.

Last night, I did a little spelunking online, going to Google first, then to a couple of different websites that do that specific thing that I wished; ie, creating lenses but not selling me a pair of frames.  I was pleasantly surprised that such places exist, and they’re super easy to navigate.  The only wrinkle was, when I inputed all of my information and clicked on ‘calculate’, the number that was returned was less than appealing.

$530 for a pair of replacement lenses.  Oy vey.  I just checked the receipt from the eyeglass place, and without insurance, my new spectacles would have cost me close to nine hundred freaking dollars.  So perhaps the previous number might be considered a bargain.

I’m glad I’m sitting down.

Honestly, did you think I was going to forget?

I had an eye appointment today, my first since 2016. I used to go every year, but then my insurance changed at my workplace and they only covered a new pair of glasses every 2 years. I’ve been going to the same place for my glasses for the last 10 years, so they have all my prior prescriptions on file. Even so, now that many things are being automated and upgraded for web-based filing and reminders, what was once a simple system of reminders has now become overly complex. Or so it seems.

It used to be when you made an appointment, you were given a card so that you could go home, copy the appointment on your own calendar at home. The day would come for the appointment, you’d go, that’d be the end of it. Maybe 10 years ago, people seemed to need further coddling and reminders, so doctors’ offices would call you a few days before your appointment to remind you of it, OR they would contract with an automated system that would do the same thing. You’d have the option of confirming the time of the appointment that you’d make (months ago) over the phone, then on the day you’d go, and that would be the end of it.

Nowadays, it seems that people require even more coddling. For my appointment with the eye doctor, I received no less than FIFTEEN reminders stretched over the last 3 days. Email reminders, text reminders, three phone calls from their automated system to both my home phone AND my cellphone. Each day since Wednesday I’ve received both text reminders and emails letting me know that I have an upcoming appointment. Really? Really? No one needs this much of a reminder of an appointment. And I can’t believe this is isolated. I’m sure thousands of people are getting bombarded the same way I am. We’re not imbeciles, please stop treating us as if we are.

Btw, my eyes haven’t changed all that much according to the ophthalmologist. I’m getting new glasses just the same, though I did ask if I could just get the lenses, since the frames tend to be the big outlay. They recommended against it (naturally) since the frames I have now are a discontinued model (again, naturally) and wouldn’t be fixable if they were to break. Unlike my wife, when it comes to new frames, it’s always a several weeks’ breaking in period, because I have to get used to how the frames feel behind my ears. And that unfortunately takes a while. So again, I’m up for several weeks of adjustments and refits, which (luckily) they don’t charge for.

Which is neither here nor there in the above rant. Just updating those that care. Those that don’t…the suggestion box is over yonder.

Ankle Update

For those of you following along, I woke up this morning, and the ankle felt better, but obviously not completely healed.  I wasn’t able to put my full weight on it, so I debated calling in.  After texting with my girl, I thought it might be better to call in and allow it another day or two to heal before going back to work (scheduled day off tomorrow).  So, I called work.  And was told that one of the VPs was coming to visit the workplace, so it was a really REALLY good idea if I didn’t call in sick.  So, against better advice, I’m going in.

Wish me luck.