April 30, 2022

Presentable and usable

All in all, I’d say the basement cleaned up pretty nicely.  Certainly from where I started, an area that was heavily festooned with cobwebs had an old more often unused than used weight bench in the corner, workbench in another, and junk here and there (we mostly use the basement as many do for storage) and the basement had recently had various workmen tramping through it installing a new heating/cooling system for the house.

Spent a few hours with my pet, dismantling the weight bench, storing it away, getting out the old Hoover from upstairs (we generally vacuum anymore with a Dyson® stick vac and we’ve recently acquired a Roborock® robot vacuum [after having killed off several Neetos® as well as a couple of Roombas®]) and using it judiciously on the aforementioned cobwebs and spiders creating them.  We didn’t manage to fill a whole bag in the Hoover, but I think we came pretty close, what with all the old mashed concrete, dust, and accumulated dirt that has been gathering over the past 20-30 years.

Once that was done, we went to the recently opened home improvement store and purchased some indoor/outdoor carpeting; figured out the best place for it to go, and laid it down, inflating the air mattress my pet brought along from her apartment which is being utilized for aftercare.  With my previous submissives, aftercare usually occurred upstairs, but now, it seems better to do it right after the scene.  Makes more sense, so that my girl isn’t having to navigate the winding way in the basement, as well as the stairs up to the main part of the house.

Finally, I purchased interlocking matting several years ago, but since no one was visiting to play, it stayed in its box until now.  Putting it down was pretty effortless, actually, the most discussion was as to where it was going; specifically how and what it would cushion.  Obviously, the spanking bench (as in the picture) was a no-brainer, but what else might need to be softened while it was being used?  Certainly, someone kneeling on it would be useful, though it’s only about an inch or so thick, so it only gives so much when putting one’s weight upon it.

Once that was completed and situated, we stopped and assessed where we were at.  Certainly in the coming months and years there will be more implements for tying and restraining (upcoming plans include the addition of a massage table for wax [and other] play, as well as perhaps a collapsible St. Andrews’s Cross) as well as a storage box for things like the aftercare air mattress so the area isn’t just dedicated to BDSM play.  It’s a small basement so space at times is at a premium.  Though I can’t store my toys down there, since the overall humidity fluctuates too much for that level of storage.

But, it’s coming along!