February 25, 2021

Operation Home away from Home

My girl moved into a new apartment within the last week.  Even though she did most of the physical act of moving herself, she had assistance.  Even so, there were some things missing that she’s been without in the last few years.  When you share an apartment with a roommate, you tend to not need as many things as you would when living on your own.  When I asked her about the nuts and bolts of how she was going to cook and eat and so on, there was silence at the end of the phone line.  She has the basics, but not much more than that.  Something needed to be done.

Starting from Amazon, I put into motion Operation Home away from Home.  I had a budget in my brain, and I’m very interested in keeping to it, so as not to put myself into a financial bind.  To that end, I’ve furnished her kitchen, (glassware, crockery, small appliances and cooking utensils) made inroads into the bathroom (towels and a shower curtain) as well as a few other odds and ends.  I even went so far as to shop at Walmart.  For anyone that knows me, that’s a huge foray into the dark side as I normally wouldn’t be caught dead in one.  Being a dyed in the wool union member and shopping somewhere that is very anti-union is something at loggerheads.  But as they tend to sometimes have better prices than places like eBay, Wayfair, Overstock and yes even Amazon, one does what they have to keep to a budget.


metalbound.com canopy bed with stockade and cage

Seeing as I’m coming perilously close to my self-imposed monetary limit, the bigger ticket items (bed frame, dinette set, sofa/loveseat, rolling kitchen island, nightstand) are probably going to have to wait.  I have a particular bed frame in mind, as I want one that is useful for BDSM purposes, not just be comfortable to sleep in.  If I can’t have something like this, then I’ll make do with a iron frame bed and make minor changes to create something acceptable until I can afford a $4,000.00 bed frame.  Or have someone else make something similar.  Or even make it myself when I have a better understanding of welding.  Lots of possibilities that can be created in due time.

I know she’s going to be happy with whatever I purchase (except for the very act of doing so, as we’ve already talked about this whole thing at length), but in decorating your own place, there’s always the personal touch.  My idea of what furniture and such to buy isn’t necessarily in the same vein as hers.  I know there’s going to be some decisions I make she’s not going to be thrilled with.  Except the sugar-skull shower curtain.  That was accepted with enthusiasm.  Up to this point I’ve not really consulted her on brand names, options of colors and so on.  I’ve just been going from memory of what I thought she needed right away.  When you’re renting an unfurnished apartment, time is usually of the essence.  As the months go by, there will be conversations about the above issues.  Compromise, certainly.  But I figure by summertime her apartment will be pretty well decorated.  At least I hope so.

Ultimately, my thinking in this is that yes, in time she could do much of this herself, but right now money is tight and just being able to pay the rent, basic necessities and so on is eating up what she makes in her job.  If I can help her out right now, it will pay dividends in the future, when I’m able to travel, visit and reap the rewards of her being able to live in comfort, rather than having only the bare basics.  No one should have to sleep on the floor in their own apartment.  Or eat off paper plates with plastic utensils.