February 19, 2021


It’s odd in a way to look at Fetlife, Instagram, Facebook and other social media outlets and see people carrying on with their BDSM lifestyle as if COVID didn’t exist at all.  Certainly there are still munches happening, though some are happening virtually, but I still read about people traveling to visit one another, getting together to play, interact and so on.  Even though they’re able to, I’m not; due to the situation I’m presently in.  My primary partner is in the danger zone, so I can’t in all good conscience go traipsing off to meet with my submissive, no matter what the location, and have a session.  I can’t even have her come here, due to the possibility of introducing a remnant of COVID into our home.

Of course it’s just bad luck that we haven’t been able to see one another since June of 2018.  Due to things as diverse as money, available dates to visit, or a place to go that’s not necessarily a motel (not that that’s impossible we’ve done it before) just meant that meetings were postponed, cancelled or just pushed back month after month, year after year and then the pandemic hit and we were completely sidelined.  Now, with the vaccine having been administered to the tune of 59 million doses (against a population of 332 million, that’s still only 6.03%) one would hope that things are going to be permitted to move along by summer, but honestly that’s wishful thinking.  Even with an increase in dosages, with the virus variants we’re seeing, it could very well be 2022 before safe travel and visiting in my circumstance will be advisable.

It’s the way things are, and honestly it sucks.  But I have to bide my time, and hope for the best.  As I have been doing for the past 966 days.  Wow, I hadn’t looked in a while.  That’s incredible.  And very sobering.

Anyway, it’s just a thought.  I’ll have more in the coming days, weeks and months.  I’m starting to feel the need to write again.  So stay tuned.  Stay safe everyone.  We’ll do the same here.