February 15, 2021

Love you lots, miss you lots more

My girl and I have been writing to one another for years. Every morning (ok, almost every morning) I write her a note and she responds sometime during the course of the day before my lunchtime at work (or home on my days off). Communication after that is back and forth, on occasion we have phone calls if needed, and on weekends we’ve agreed to have evening phone calls to keep her grounded. Considering we’ve been ‘together’ for a bit over four years but have only been in one another’s company twice for visits, it’s the best we can do for the time being.

As we’ve been writing and corresponding I’ve been increasingly thinking about having a tagline to end my messages with. I’ve never been accused of being pithy, but then again I like to have something to be remembered by and occasionally for. Over the many months and years of writing, increasingly I’ve become fond of the parting statement ‘Love you lots, miss you lots more‘. If for no other reason than, it’s true. I miss her a great deal. In retrospect, it might actually be logically backward but to me, the words flow better when used in that fashion.

An odd saying I suppose, but it works for me. As she’s never mentioned anything about it, I suppose it works for her too. Until I come up with something else, I guess?