November 16, 2020

Another door closes

I received a message while I was at work Friday. It was from the woman that I had interacted with last year. We had ‘met’ on FetLife and talked for a while, met in person, and even played a couple of times. But, life as it does, gets in the way. Her family has had issues over a long period of time, and that managed to put a crowbar into our interactions. (No fault of theirs, family issues happen.) Then COVID reared its ugly head and by early 2020, any further meetings were out of the question. So things went dormant. We kept in touch every now and again through FL as well as text, but there were long stretches of time when there would be no communication.

The message said basically, due to multiple deaths in her family over the ensuing months (not due to COVID) and an ongoing medical issue with her parents, she was going to be stepping away from kink for the foreseeable future. That too would mean she wouldn’t be meeting with me anymore either. She thanked me for what I had shared with her, and my patience over the year waiting for something that wasn’t going to reoccur. I told her (truth) that it was enjoyable while it lasted and wished her the best with whatever was to come in the future. I don’t see anything happening further on up the road with her. While it was interesting to explore a bit in the interim, we really didn’t ‘mesh’ very well in my opinion. Being completely brutally honest; I want to be playing with my slave. She’s the one that I’ve invested time and effort in, the one that I want to build a future with. But with COVID running rampant through the country right now, states going through their second version of lockdowns, and travel just not recommended, it’s not going to happen in 2020.

So another door closes. I’m biding my time and hoping for a better 2021. In this morning’s news, Moderna has said that their vaccine for COVID may be 94.5% effective. So there might actually be a light at the end of this tunnel after all. And not an oncoming train.