August 2020


I’m in the midst of shopping for storage bins.  Since I’m not going to be doing any BDSM play for the forseeable future, I’ve been considering putting my toys away in a more protected manner than they’re currently residing in.  Especially my flogger collection, which is mostly hanging in my closet, where they can be hidden from light, so as not to fade, but also can be vulnerable to things like spiders and perhaps even mice, and that’s not just a creepy consideration, it’s downright scary and unacceptable.

I’ve been thinking about this for many months, hoping that the COVID situation was going to get better, that travel was going to be available again, but with the current political situation here in the US (and the President being a self-serving idiot constantly) any possible meetings this year just aren’t going to happen.  For the most part, my toys reside in toybags and converted luggage, with the longer toys (floggers, singletails, and other whips) mostly hanging up, but some are in cloth storage bags and nestled into one of my dresser drawers.  Of course, since my toys are taking up space in my dresser, my clothing is piled here and there in the spare bedroom where all of this is.  And honestly, it makes a bit of a mess, and we’re rather too cluttered as it is already.

At first I went to my old friend Amazon, but their prices for Rubbermaid™ totes was a little pricey, even with free Prime shipping.  Looking around a bit, I went to the usual suspects (Wayfair & Overstock) and really wasn’t finding anything better.  On more than a whim than anything else, I scooted over to the BigLots! website and was actually pretty surprised when I discovered the same totes Amazon was charging an arm and a leg for, for a whole lot less.  Too, they had a better selection, even some totes that could be wheeled under one’s bed, for more storage.  And since there’s a BL! within easy driving distance, I wouldn’t have to be concerned with either shipping or delivery.  So, this could be a huge win-win, even though I’m going to be storing things away for almost a year.

Now the question is….how many totes is it going to take to squirrel away my toy collection?  Any guesses?

Kee Klamps

When it comes to buying kinky toys, I have a weakness.  I may not be able to play as regularly as I like (meaning hardly ever) but that doesn’t mean I’m not well supplied when the time comes.  Too, if I can build something instead of buying it, I’m not averse to that either.  Fortunately (or un), not everything can be purchased or easily shipped, or even stored in its most useable form.

With that in mind, places like hardware stores, big-box hardware retailers like Lowes and (Dom) Home Depot come in very handy.  A term was coined many years ago (30+?); ‘pervertables‘, normal everyday items that can be used in a kinky fashion, but the manufacturers of said items probably never dreamed they could be perverted to what their eventual use became.

Most people use the term when it comes to household items like wooden spoons, or clothespins (pegs), pins/needles, hairbrushes, wood clamps, there are literally thousands of items that can be used for more than their intended purpose, and can be enjoyed by both kinky and vanilla when it comes to bedroom (and other) places.

0Case in point.  For quicker methods of building furniture, I offer for consideration Kee Klamps.  It’s a shortcut to the expense of learning how to weld, as one can use the connectors like an adult version of Tinker Toys™.   And they’re rather easily available, and once built can be disassembled as easily as they’re put together.  Considering they can be made into things like railings, furniture (including the base of a bed or pillory) or as an addition to something else, it wouldn’t take very long to create many kinky fabrications that are not only sturdy, but cost a lot less than having someone else make it and either have it shipped to you assembled, or disassembled.

As of right now, I just have thoughts in my head of what I might build, since the probability of having someone nearby to use it with, is unfortunately remote.

Stay tuned for when that changes though.  The game is afoot!