November 29, 2018

A little advice?

My blog is public, my girl’s is not.  Consequently I’ll get far more traffic than she ever will, but it ends up usually that I’m the one that reads her posts more than anyone else will for the most part.  However, there’s an issue she’s been dealing with for several months and I’m getting a bit concerned about what all is transpiring.

She has expressed it better than I, so I’ll just post this link.  If you can take the time to read, and perhaps offer some insight, or suggestion, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Breathing a sigh of relief (so far…)

Americans by and large have too much stuff.  That’s probably why 30 years ago the whole storage bin craze started.  Paying someone a monthly fee to store whatever you couldn’t have in your house, which was probably also bursting at the seams with stuff.  When I moved to this area in 1993, the running joke was that the town I now live in had too many dollar stores and hardware stores.  Today, while there is still a plethora of both, far and away they’re outnumbered by storage companies.  Within the town limits there are at least five and I’m probably overlooking a couple.

When I sold my parent’s house, the majority of the things in the house were either stored or sold through an auctioneer.  My parents were pack rats.  Of the worst ilk.  I’ve written before about the lengths we went through to empty out the mass of stuff they had accumulated over 30 plus years.  But in the intervening time, I’ve been storing the remaining contents of that house, adding in items from the other houses that my wife and I have lived in over the last 25 years.  I’ve mentioned before that I’ve moved the storage items several times as well.  3 different times to 3 different storage companies.  The last one has been a little of a headache, since they’re not easily contactable in case of a problem.  They even one time accidentally cut off the lock to my storage bin, replaced it with one of their own and I didn’t find out about it, until I went to get something, and couldn’t get in.  Once I contacted them (finally) I was informed that they’d made a mistake months ago and didn’t bother to let me know!  I was paying them storage fees and wasn’t even aware that my lock was gone.  I guess I should be grateful they didn’t just leave it open to anyone.

Getting back to the reason for this post.  I was going through my checkbook a couple of weeks ago and realized I hadn’t paid the storage fee for my space since August.  Oops.  Uh oh.  The funny thing (well not really ha ha funny) is that they’ve never contacted me to let me know I was late with my payments.  Definitely something that you don’t want to be too late on, because in the contract, they can sell your stuff and clean out the space, and leave you with bupkus.  And that’s NOT A GOOD THING!  Ahem.  So, I wrote out 2 checks, and sent then on their way, along with an apologetic note for forgetting to keep my account current.  I also asked for an accounting of my balance to be certain I’m in the black, not still in the red.

The checks cleared my bank today.  But I haven’t heard from the management person about the other.  So I guess I’m going to have to start calling again, trying to get ahold of a real person.  This might take a while.  Too, I should go down to my storage space and make sure my things are still there.  Because if I’m paying money and my things are NOT there….then there’s going to be a problem.  A BIG ONE.

So, I have something to do in the next few days.  Like I don’t have anything else to do…like get ready for the Christmas season.