The more you overcome the plumbing…

…the easier it is to stop up the drain.  That’s an adage that I’m intimately familiar with if only because I like to putter and change things on my blog as well as elsewhere.  I’d been thinking off and on for several months about linking this blog with a couple of my Tumblr feeds.  Since I had time today, I went ahead with a tentative deployment of that initiative.  With mixed results.  I was able to add one feed without too much of a problem, except that when the feed uploaded, all the entries didn’t have a title, so they came up as (no title) on the post list.  Since you can’t bulk edit post titles, I had to edit each one individually.  Too, I had to change the categories, tags and so on.  Fortunately I didn’t do one of my larger feeds, that has well over 2000 entries on it!

All was well until I went with the second feed a couple of hours later.  The feed loaded fine, but while I was editing, disaster struck.  I went to edit one and it kicked back an error about selecting a default language that I didn’t understand.  And then it just got worse.  Finally I was unable to access the dashboard of the blog at all!  It gave me a couple MySQL errors that I looked up, then went into the guts of my blog from the server end, attempting to understand what I needed to change.  I do (foresight) have a membership to Jetpack, so my site is backed up daily.  However, since I was unable to access the site at all, that didn’t seem to be a viable option.  I was about at the end of my rope, and dashed off a message to their ‘Happiness Engineers’ hoping that they could come up with a solution.  Although just after I sent that, I checked the site again and voila!  It worked!  How it’s working, I have NO idea, but I’m not ungrateful.

To wit, I abandoned the idea of adding Tumblr to my blog.  Not going to mess with what little success I have here.