August 12, 2018

Out of mothballs

I’ve been having intermittent computer issues over the last several months.  It pretty much started when I discovered that my laptop wasn’t performing the way I needed it to, and I’ve always been lacking in storage on it anyway.  It came with a woefully undersized hard drive (100 gigs) and I’ve been backing it up and using an external 4 HDD enclosure in an attempt to keep the warnings about lack of space on the laptop at bay.  Have to admit, it hasn’t been working as well as I’d hoped.  Of course, were we to go back about 2 years ago, I would have been working on my desktop computer that I built myself, but I blew a power supply on that and then got lazy.  After purchasing a replacement, I didn’t just put everything back together, I let it sit and used the laptop in the interim.

About a month ago I got the brilliant idea of upgrading the hard drive on the laptop.  I figured it’d be a quick fix.  Get a 2 TB hard drive, back up the current small one, clone it to the new one, pop the top, drop it in and put everything back together.  Fire up the laptop, -bingbamboom- done.  Only….not so much.  After firing it up, there continued to be problems.  Plenty of space, but for whatever reason the laptop didn’t seem to like the new drive.  Granted the old one was a solid state (basically a bigger flash drive) and the new one was a HDD with moving parts, the whole nine yards.  Everything slowed to a crawl, it was nearly impossible to do anything, I was just having a hell of a time.

Walking through one of the bedrooms upstairs one morning, I tripped over the old desktop for the umpteenth time since I squirreled it away up there.  Then it hit me.  Why not just put that back together?  It had a new power supply, the processing chip was still good, and I’d been meaning to put Windows 10 (the 64 bit version) on it ever since I discovered only using 32 bit was allowing me to only use half of the memory it had on board.  Instead of buying a whole NEW computer (probably an outlay of $600-800) and having another tower et al cluttering up the house (the wife would thank me, surely) I’d resurrect the old beast and be back in business.

So, I went ahead with that plan.  Of course, being me it took a little while and more than a few headaches to accomplish.  As of this morning, it culminated with me having the old box slid under my computer desk, an older 15″ monitor in place of the 27″ widescreen I’ve been using for 3 years (they’re not communicating for some reason) and only about a tenth of the programs that I’ve counted on using on the laptop at any given time.  But it works!  And it’s speedy.  Boots up immediately, connects to the ‘Net and I can bring up a browser and don’t have to wait forever for things to come to me.  Bliss!  And it doesn’t even smell like mothballs.

[Update 8/16]  I swapped out an HDMI cable and now the widescreen monitor is working with the computer, and this afternoon I installed 2 120mm exhaust fans (LED purple…squee!) in the case for further cooling needs.  I’m rather surprised nothing has exploded while getting this whole thing going again.  But for the time being, I’m content.