July 11, 2018

Order, order!

facebookbackground_origI’m having a love-hate relationship with a BDSM vendor.  And I should have known better than to order from her, but after supporting her Kickstarter campaign (and getting stiffed) I really and truly STILL wanted the items that she had wanted funding for, and wasn’t going to take no for an answer.  So essentially, this angst was brought upon myself and admittedly, I have no one else to blame (except for her, who should know better) but yours truly.

After repeatedly contacting her over the many months and being either ignored or shined on (she would respond after a few days to my email with a cryptic “It’s in the mail, or it’s being shipped tomorrow.”) She’d again go silent and I’d wait for a package that would never arrive.  Some people got their product, others, like me got nothing.  It was only after some sleuthing that I was able to find her vendor website and what did I discover?  She was selling the remaining stock of product from her campaign on the website when she couldn’t even bother to supply her backers with what they had been promised.

Figuring at this point it was unlikely that I was going to be getting the product through Kickstarter, I did something that was probably pretty stupid.  I placed an order through her company for the product I was supposed to have gotten before and waited.  A week after placing the order I received an email saying that they’d been shipped.  No tracking number, no information as to how they might be coming, just that, a shipping notification.  And they never arrived.  Starting to sound familiar?  A few days later, I sent her an email, detailing that she’d giving me little information and I required more, like a tracking #, or some knowledge of HOW it was shipped, so I could at least track it.  I might as well have been shouting down a well.  No reply.  I tried again a couple of days ago.  Lo and behold, she responded a couple of hours later with a cryptic (and familiar) reply. “They’ll be shipped out tomorrow.” is all it said.  Seriously?  I thought it was shipped 2 weeks ago!  I really want to give her a piece of my mind, but I still want the product, before I have to contact my credit card company to sic them on her ass….at least this time I used credit instead of something else, so that I had a reputable company to do my dirty work for me, if she was going to be a pill again.

Honestly, I don’t understand how she manages to stay in business if this is the way she conducts hers.

Maybe we need to go back to an icebox.

Product Image 1We’ve been having a bit of a time replacing our refrigerator.  And it only got worse yesterday.

A little back story to start..

On July 2, all of a sudden our venerable Kenmore refrigerator died.  It was one of the older workhorses, it was here when we moved in, in November of 2000. Apparently at that time it was already 10 years old, and managed to work for a further 18 years before finally chilling its last ice cube.  Consequently, for the last week the wife and I have been living out of a cooler.  No frozen food, lots of make-do dinners, eating out and so on. Despite this hardship, we still were able to host guests over the weekend, but were expecting to have a new appliance delivered at mid-week and things would be hunky-dory again.  The day after it went belly up, my wife and I were shopping online, and discovering (again) that a major holiday (USA) is a bad time to lose an appliance.  Generally it takes awhile for any retailer to get a delivery going and to you, unless you happen to have the means to get the appliance from the store to your place.  After measuring, re-measuring and measuring again the old fridge, we were shopping online and finding that with a limited space, there are only so many newer models that fit our needs, and we were at best going to have to go with a smaller internal sized unit than was originally in the space.  After having gone through a fair number of hoops, we managed to find a good deal through JC Penney (of all places!) placed our order and were informed that it would be delivered the following Wednesday, July 11.

Except that it wasn’t to be.

We had been informed that we would get a call from the delivery people on the day before (July 10) and no such phone call arrived.  When we called them at 7pm last night, we had to go through the usual runaround of automated systems and weren’t having much luck.  Finally, calling customer service struck pay dirt.  Sort of.  The customer service rep informed us that for some reason when we made the initial purchase through the JC Penney website, the payment was declined.  The woman further insisted that JCP had informed us of that, by a phone call as well as an e-mail, but when we checked our respective end, no such communication existed.  Furthermore, our payment was being listed as ‘Pending’ on the payment processor site, so there didn’t seem to be anything wrong on our end, but JCP was adamant that it wasn’t their problem and the refrigerator was NOT going to be delivered tomorrow.  As a matter of fact, even if the payment had been correctly processed, it wasn’t likely that it would be delivered for …another 2-3 WEEKS.  Holy fuck!  On JCP’s website, the order was there, plain as day, except that it was still listing delivery as happening on the 11th.  When asked why that was, the CS rep didn’t have an answer.  She sort of hemmed and hawed about it being a ‘glitch’ in their system and it wasn’t something that she was well versed in.  So we’ve been sitting here for the better part of a week, living out of a cooler and blowing $5-10 every 2-3 days on ice expecting to get something that we’re not going to be getting.  Needless to say, both the wife and I were extremely upset at the conclusion of that phone call.  So much so, the wife is going to be writing to the CEO of JCP and letting them know of her displeasure with their company and policies.

Bottom line, we’re back to square one.  We went back to the Lowes.com website and found a refrigerator that fit the dimensions that we needed and ordered it.  Except that it’s not going to be able to be delivered until July 25.  If we’d gone with Lowes last Tuesday, then we would have had it in the house this past Monday.  I wouldn’t be writing this, and you wouldn’t be reading it!

I’m beginning to think it was easier when one had a large chunk of ice in the bottom of the icebox.  Literally.

Update: It’s now nearly midnight on July 12-13. On Wednesday we decided to get a dorm sized fridge to ‘get us through’ until July 25. While we were at the place looking at it, I just happened to look at some of the other refrigerators they had and voila! They had the one we’d been looking at. Though it was in White only, not Black or any other color. BUT, they were able to deliver it Friday AND haul away the old one for free. So guess what we decided to do? Yup. It’s due to be delivered in 10 hours. The wife just came downstairs to haul me up to bed. So I’m going. Hopefully, no more updates of a negative nature on this post!