May 26, 2018

Did someone get the make of that truck?

In case anyone is wondering why this blog has been silent, here’s the explanation.

I have bronchitis and feel like a truck hit me, backed up, got a good running head start and ran me over again.  Then again for good measure.  Even after a day off on Wednesday, by Thursday I only managed 2 1/2 hours before I had to give up and come home.  (You have NO idea how hard that was for me).  Fortunately, I had Friday off, and went to see my GP.  He diagnosed the bronchitis and prescribed three drugs and told me if I still felt like crap the next day, to call in.  (Calling in to work for me is one of those REALLY hard things to do)

So here it is Saturday morning, the congested cough is still here, I feel like crap and …yep, I’m going to work.  The wife thinks I’m out of my mind, my girl also suggested staying home (and if you knew her, your eyebrows would be at the elevation of K2) as well.  But I’m not really one for sitting around the house, so in I go.

Wish me luck.  I’m going to need it.