April 30, 2018

A definite boom, and possibly a little bust

It’s always difficult when you’re purchasing things sight unseen, and even moreso when there’s a time constraint.

The other day, I was checking my email and there was a new posting on a board that I frequent on Fetlife.  It’s a ‘For Sale’ board for people that either have new things they want to sell, or things they no longer have a use for, and wish to make a quick buck from their excess.  Some things are good, others not so much.  As with all yard sale type items, it can easily be boom or bust.  But, there are times when you really find a good bargain and that’s why I keep an eye on this board (as well as a few others there).

One of the things I most definitely keep an eye out for are restraints & impact toys. Dungeon furniture not so much, as usually they’re unwieldy, they don’t break down easily and they’re cost-prohibitive to ship.  But things like floggers or single-tail whips, or restraints can easily be packed together, stuffed into a flat rate postal box and for less than $20, shipped across the country in a maximum of 3 days.

Such was the case last week, when a fellow posted that he was parting with his set of steel shackles and collar.  He posted pictures of them on his profile, along with measurements, which is a handy thing to do.  Most people that post on the board aren’t so thoughtful, it can be a myriad of banter before you get a better idea of what measurements are involved, and whether that particular item will fit the person you have in mind.  Even if the person is yourself!  Not everyone is the same size, so measurements are important.  Too, pictures help!  Not everyone seems to understand that.  They post a static item, and don’t include a picture!  How is someone going to know what you have for sale without a reference point?

As I mentioned above, I get an email when a new post is made on the board, and the post had been there for several hours before I saw it.  No one had contacted him as yet (that I knew of) so I sprang into action.  Checking out the pictures he had referenced, it appeared that the only wrinkle might be with the collar.  The shackles themselves seemed to be rather on the large side so if anything my pet might be swimming a little in their circumference, but that’s easily rectified.  One can expand the area with wrapping, going the other way isn’t so easy.  The one constant about metal is it’s rigidity and unforgiving quality.  Either it fits, or it doesn’t.  But for me, 2 out of 3 is still good odds and honestly the price was acceptable.  I know from shopping several sites that ‘build to order’ when you do custom work, the price tag goes up.  So I was already expecting a problem with the collar, not so much with the wrist and ankle restraints.  I contacted the seller and he responded pretty quickly.  That doesn’t always happen!  A few messages passed back and forth, he thankfully accepted PayPal (though I discovered PP has closed a particular handy loophole I used to use) and we were off to the races.  He did his due diligence and marked the items as SOLD on the site, but I was distressed that he removed the pictures from his profile at almost the same time.  No matter.  They were coming to me via US Mail in a few days, I could do my own measuring.

I had hoped they would arrive on Friday, but he was unable to post them until Wednesday so they arrived on Saturday while I was at work.  I received a text from my wife around lunchtime to let me know “a really freaking heavy box” had been delivered to the house that morning.  I didn’t open the box until late in the evening before I went to bed, but as I expected, the collar was a bit small, but the shackles fit me, so they’ll fit my girl.  I’m going to of course try it on her before I make any other sort of decision, but the shackles are definitely staying as part of my toy collection.  So as of right now, 2 booms, and 1 possible bust.  But I still think I made out very well.