April 27, 2018


When asked what one of my favorite ideas about a scene would be, I’ve always answered, “play in a thunderstorm”.  I just love the idea of playing in a driving rain, having my submissive tied to a tree, or to a post and me playing with her body, while the lightning crackled in the sky and the thunder rattled all around us.

Of course, I wouldn’t play with any toys that are worth a bit of money, but the nice part about nature is, it provides toys of it’s own making that don’t cost a dime.  Switches, branches, brambles or even rocks being used with rope for weights, and of course there are a myriad of different toys one can use that are waterproof, or just plain discardable after they outlived their usefulness, and won’t cost you a mint to replace.

I’m reminded of this because we’re experiencing our first thunderstorm of 2018.  Stirs the imagination, it does!