April 3, 2018

Time Away

My wife and I are taking out first ‘away’ vacation in about 9 years. The last time that we went away for an extended period of time was 2009. We did 2 vacations that year. Over the Memorial Day weekend, we drove to the Outer Banks of North Carolina (OBX for short) rented a really nifty house with not only a jacuzzi but an inground pool (I know, right?) but it was less than a mile from the Atlantic Ocean. Really nailed a good deal on that one. Later in the year we took a week and drove up to Grand Island near Buffalo, NY and rented a house on the Niagara River. Hot tub, in-ground pool, well-stocked game room, very modern kitchen and all the amenities. My wife even contracted with a local chef to come out and cook for us. Granted, that was a little pretentious, but she was a very good cook and the meals she made were especially scrumptious (as I recall, it was 9 freaking years ago)

In the intervening years, there were times that we could get away, but for one reason or another, it didn’t happen. Life, as the saying goes, has a habit of getting in the way. So you either make the time, or it passes by without much having been changed. Too, my wife’s cockatiel (Oliver) was getting older, and she wasn’t much interested in going away, putting Oliver up with friends and then sometime during our time away hearing that little Oliver had passed away. So again, we didn’t go anywhere. And again, the years passed by.

Last June, Oliver finally passed on. Even so, even though I had several weeks of vacation time, there really didn’t seem to be the ‘right’ moment to go away together. Again life, in it’s myriad and mysterious iterations, got in the way. Through a bit of happenstance, I was able to drive to Virginia in early November to meet my then Mistress, but a trip for myself and my wife didn’t come together. And then there were the holidays.

Finally, we came to 2018 and the ever ensuing conundrum of how to use up my vacation time at work before I lose it. My wife doesn’t have this sort of problem, she’s been retired since 2005; every day is a vacation! It always seems to boggle me how I manage to stretch 4 weeks of time off from work to the last possible minute. And it does tend to drive my supervisor up the wall a bit too. He’d much rather I didn’t take any time off at all. (Fat chance, I earned every second of that time off, Bob!)

Basically, the plan was I was going to take off LAST week for my vacation and be at work THIS week for an important visit from one of the upper-level supervisors.  However,  this didn’t work out the way it was originally planned.  So here I am on the week that had been planned for over a month ago.  But whatever.  The point is, we’ve been able to get away, albeit only a short drive from home.  But away we are and doing things together.  Like we did back in ’09.  

Although we packed enough to be away for a lot longer than 3 days.  But that’s another post…for another day.

Hitting the road

Wife and I are going to be away on vacation for the next several days.  I’m bringing my laptop with me, so I might actually have a chance to write in and amongst sightseeing and doing other things that vacationers do.  


Keeping it fresh from a distance

My pet and I have an LDR (Long Distance Relationship). We met on the fetish board Fetlife a couple of years ago when I was still in the process of looking for a submissive and just coincidentally she was too. Through trials and tribulations, many conversations and more than a little angst, we tried our connection with her as the Dominant and myself as the submissive and it worked for awhile. But as time passed we both discovered (even after meeting in person) that it wasn’t working as well as it could and switched roles back in January. Since then, it’s been working better, though as yet we haven’t had a chance to see how it works in a face to face capacity. Such is the way of the LDR, you have to try your best to keep things fresh so that you don’t get bogged down with the mundane, or worse yet deep six your relationship by saying or doing the wrong thing when you feel that things are getting stale.

With my girl, we keep in contact daily, often several times a day, utilizing social media as well as text, phone, and email as necessary. Due to work obligations on both ends, it’s not always easy or simple to keep in contact, but I make it a point to attempt to be there in the evening for her, we share our respective days, provide support where necessary and talk about our future. Keeping the future as the mutual target is essential, given that our time together, living under the same roof will be years from now. We both know the risks and the possibilities inherent in our situation, we’ve accepted it and moved on from that. Yes, it can be a little thorn in the side (or in the mind), but we’ve made a commitment to one another and intend to see it through. Having been in more than a few LDRs already, I know it’s not going to be in the least bit easy. We just have to make time for visits, and when those visits come, cram as much as we can into the time together, since it might very well be weeks even months before it happens again.

I’ve also been recording audio for her to listen to as she exercises. Right now it’s chapters from The Marketplace Series by Laura Antoniou. Later on it will be books that I think she needs to be exposed to. A conversation recently touched on Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass, which my pet informed me she’s never read before. So she wasn’t aware of the reference I made. I certainly can’t punish her for not reading some of the classics of literature. Or I could, just by recording them on audio and making her listen to them. But she says she likes the sound of my voice! Some punishment, that… hmm.

Getting back to the gist of this entry, we have to keep it fresh, in order to make it to the end. Together.