New Tech

I got a new phone.  No, I mean a NEW phone.  Spent an obscene amount of money on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, one day before the 9’s came out.  I know what you’re thinking.  What the hell did you do something stupid like that for?  Well, it’s a really cool phone.  And my Note 5 was getting a little old in the tooth.  And did I mention how incredibly awesome this phone is?  And how new? Did I?  Ok, I did…I’ll stop doing the fangirl thing, it was getting a bit bothersome anyway.  And my throat was starting to hurt from all the squealing.

Generally about every 18 months I get a ‘new’ phone.  But my new is what someone else would call ‘used’.  Because hey, used is cheaper.  I mean a LOT cheaper.  And even though it’s cheaper, it still does what it’s supposed to do, like make phone calls, take pictures and video, be a portable GPS and access the internet and…oh wait a minute, I said I’d stop the fangirl thing…why didn’t you remind me?  Oh wait, you’re not really there.  Well you will be when you’re reading this..but that’s a little too 4th dimension right now isn’t it?  Yes…with Mr. Hawking taking up residence next to Sir Issac Newton and Charles Darwin as his new neighbors…  Yep, I’m editorializing, I have to stop that.  Thanks for the reminder.  No, not you…you.  Well, thank you too.  (Yes, the first one, that I dissed before…well not really dissed…)

At this point, I know my girl is rolling her eyes enough that they’re likely to be nearly popping out of her head, so I’m going to get back on topic.

I got a new phone.  And it was a really good deal.  What am I doing with my old Note 5?  I’m not going to resell it like I normally do.  It’s going to be taking up residence at my girl’s place.  She needs a new phone too.  So she’s going to get one.  Well, not new…