March 2, 2018

Hello March

2018 is speeding right by. It’s March already. Hard to believe that at the end of this month, one quarter of the year will already be in the dustbin. But it’s true. I was just musing this evening as I was watching the snow fall (another late winter storm in the offing, and probably the last opportunity for me to play with my snowblower this season) about how long its been since I last saw my pet (3 months and counting for those of you keeping score) although back then our dynamic positions were reversed.

In the interim, we’ve been talking and discussing when would be a good time to get together again. It’s not always easy matching up our schedules. Part of it is I’m in a job where things are quite short-handed right now, and getting away for a time isn’t as simple as requesting time off. Secondly, my pet is starting a new job, so she’s not able to just request time off either since she hasn’t accumulated any. And one doesn’t want to make a bad impression on the new bosses. One should desire to show reliability. At least that’s how I’ve always looked at it.

When I had my previous submissives, meetings were few and far between. It didn’t help that as a rule, they were sometimes at minimum 5 hours distant. So when we did get together, we ended up going over the same patch of ground over and over and didn’t really get much accomplished. Sure there were playtimes and relationship building time but without a continual progression, it ended up being more frustrating for the both of us, than it was helpful. More than likely it was a great reason that most of the relationships ended. One didn’t because of it, but death too can be a deciding factor in the life of a relationship.

I’m reminded of the song ‘Lady’, by the Little River Band. Part of the lyrics go: “Take time to make time, make time to be there…” I know that my pet and I are in this for the long haul. We’ve professed that to one another, made the commitment to be a couple, to be in a BDSM relationship, and a relationship regardless. It’s worthwhile to make the time, just have to find the time, and be there for one another.

Now if our schedules would just cooperate!