Good morning, pet

Every morning I send a good morning message to my girl on social media.  It’s your basic greeting with some thoughts that I may have had after I put her to bed the night before, as well as things I believe she needs to know for the course of her day that’s coming up.  It’s something that I’ve been doing for a long time with my various charges; (with some changes over the years) certainly there have been changes due to newer forms of communication that have been instituted and created since I started out on this journey nearly 35 years ago. (damn, has it been that long??)

I think I’ve always been better with the written word than the spoken one.  I can formulate my thoughts better and overall have a better grasp of what I wish to convey, rather than coming up with it off the top of my head.  Not to say that I can’t carry on a good conversation over the phone, I certainly can.  My wife of 24 years can certainly attest that I was able to keep her interested during our long phone conversations while we were long distance dating in the early 1990s.

When I met my first submissive/slave on a primitive social media platform (which btw no longer exists) we managed to keep in contact sporadically.  At first, it was occasional landline phone calls (think Ma Bell’s corded invention that worked well for over 100 years) and email, with occasional snail mail messages, passed back and forth.  She lived about 2 hours north of where I did, so we couldn’t get together all that often.  Even so, we did manage to get together to play sporadically and had a good time whilst doing so.  A few play parties in her city, and I even purchased her collar at a leather shop there.  Regrettably, due to her desire to move to the left coast, we had to part ways, but we built a solid bond and remained friends, though I only ever occasionally see her on social media, and we haven’t actually spoken in years.

As the years passed, more submissives/slaves/play partners entered into my life, served and then passed on, either corporeally or just how life works in its mysterious ways.  Ironically, none of them have ever been closer than about 40 miles from my home, so it could be easily said that my BDSM relationships have almost all been long distance affairs.  Certainly, I’d rather it not have been that way, it just occurred in that manner.  Communication has always been a pillar of the relationship, and I firmly believe in some form of communication being made daily if possible.  I know this revelation will come to a slight surprise to my current pet, in that on occasion even recently I’ve gone more than a day without contacting her.  Over my history, however, I would say that’s been an exception rather than the rule.  Especially in a long distance relationship (LDR) it’s essential to keep the control in hand as much as possible, especially with a pet that by her own admission prefers someone very much in control of her daily life.

So from the past, we come to the present.  Every morning, I post a message to my pet, so that she has something nice to wake up to, give her an insight to my day, any expectations I have for her day, and that I will be in touch over the course of that particular day.  For the time being, it’s my version of a wake-up kiss.  Over time, it will evolve, as all things do.