Oh, the weather outside is….

…not necessarily frightful.  But it does change often.  It is after all the cusp between Autumn and Winter.  At least here in the Northeast.  Seeing as we’re near but not too near the Great Lakes, we occasionally get hit with the ‘lake effect’ snows (we’re on the periphery of both Erie and Ontario) that so often pummel both Buffalo and Rochester.  Buffalo may get whomped with 2 feet of lake-effect (at least until the waters of Lake Erie get cold enough to either freeze or no longer produce warmer water adding to the weather pattern) but we’d only get maybe 4-6 inches in the same span.  It varies of course since our weather comes from the west for the most part.  Sometimes our weather comes from the south or southwest, but for the most part, it comes west to east.

Since I’ve been living in New York for the majority of my life, I’ve been used to snow in the wintertime.  When I was growing up, I lived in the Hudson Valley and even though I’ve lived here in the Finger Lakes area for almost as long, I still consider that area to be ‘home’.  Home is where you hang your hat, but where you grew up, for the most part, is where you (or at least me) reminisce about wonderful things long past.  Even if your remembrance might be a little skewed.

I remember when I was growing up, in the wintertime we’d have pretty good snowstorms, and since my family had a rather large property, we also had a fairly long driveway to clear in the wintertime.  My Dad had a Graveley tractor, and it had all different types of attachments that could be put on the front of it.  One, in particular, was the snowblower, like in the picture here.  It had a pretty large swath that it cut, and seeing as it was powered by the engine on the tractor, it could throw snow quite a ways, certainly more than a 2 stage walk behind with an 8-10 hp small engine.  Definitely, remember many a morning with my father as he cleared the driveway with me on a custom-made metal plate he had crafted to allow for more weight on the back of the tractor for traction on the uphill climb of the driveway.   Snow chains only permit so much traction.

I’ve been crafting this particular entry for almost the last week.  In that time, it’s snowed, then got warmer and nearly all the snow melted.  On Christmas Eve, we got another dusting and on Christmas Day, it squalled off and on over the course of the day, so perhaps another inch(?) or so fell.  The temperature is now dropping outside, since it’s clear (just looked out the window) and the residual warmth (what little there is) is being radiated up through the atmosphere and out.  Too, the snow that’s on the ground isn’t holding in much heat either.

But, we ended up with a White Christmas.  So, bonus.