July 14, 2017

Secondary Arrival

The replacement arrived yesterday afternoon.  How it managed to get here in one piece after the other one arrived in a pile of glass boggles my imagination.  Insomuch as how the other package was ‘protected’, this one was certainly less so.  When you told your friend Stephanie to put it in bubble wrap, apparently she thought you only meant the envelope needed to be bubble wrap, since the item was wrapped in a washcloth, then two foam plates were placed on either side, duct taped, and inserted in a padded envelope with the word FRAGILE written on it.

Considering how things are handled in the USPS, this should have ended up again as a pile of glass shards.  Instead, it arrived without a scratch.  I think it’s a trivet?  But it has feet so one wouldn’t hang it on a wall unless it required plate hangers.  So I’m not really sure what it is.  Other than a very VERY nice present.  Thank you very much.  You certainly seem to know me quite well.  It will look very nice here, and when I’m home with my Miss.  My kitchen will be your kitchen.  Though by that time, we’re going to need a new one.  This one will be out of date.  But we’ll get to that when the time comes.  Thank you again for the wonderful birthday presents!