Damn you, Postal Service!

It’s official, I’m not pleased with the USPS.  For the third time in several years, they managed to let me down.

The first time was when I shipped a used banjo to a buyer off eBay.  I informed her that it was coming, supplied her with the shipping confirmation number, when it was due to arrive, even purchased insurance to ‘guarantee’ it’s arrival, but unbeknownst to either of us, on the day it happened to arrive, she was late getting out of work.  She, living in an apartment, hadn’t asked any of her neighbors to keep an eye out for a large package, and in the ensuing 9 hours between delivery and her arriving home….it was stolen.  She contacted me telling me that she wanted a refund, but how could I do that?  I contacted the post office to inquire about the insurance, but was informed it didn’t cover what happened after the package was delivered, it covered what happened during shipment.  Once the postal carrier delivered the item, it was no longer their concern.  Which makes sense I suppose, but still, both of us ended up losing money (and a banjo) over it.  Being the nice person I am, I refunded half of her money, even though she wanted all of it.

Second instance was when I was sending a package to my Miss.  As it turns out, the postal service either couldn’t find her address or gave up on looking and returned the package to me.  There was sufficient postage on it, it wasn’t wrapped up in duct tape, there wasn’t anything wrong with it, it just returned to sender.  On the second try, it arrived.  Still don’t understand why that happened, but at least it got to where it was going, even if I had to pay for it twice.

Now for the third time.  My Miss and I had been discussing Mother’s Day back before the actual day, and I told her that I wanted to send her something, not necessarily for the holiday (our dynamic isn’t textbook MM/lb but it occasionally touches on some issues) but there was one thing I wanted her to have, and I thought it would be nice to include something else that I’d had for awhile and wanted her to have.  Finally, I included a personalized note, so that she could have something to remember me by, as well as for the holiday itself.  Packed it up nicely, took it to the post office, mailed it and was certain to insure it, as well as got the tracking number so that there shouldn’t be any problem.

Except there was.

Several days after it was shipped, my Miss informed me that she hadn’t received it.  I suggested that she wait a day or more and if there was still no arrival I would contact the post office and see where the package was.  2 days went by and I checked the online portal to see where the tracking number said it was.  When I punched in the numbers, I received a null reading.  As if the numbers weren’t valid.  Thought perhaps I’d entered a number in error so I did it again.  Same result.  Since it was evening, I wasn’t able to call the post office until the next day.  Instead of calling, I took it upon myself to go to the post office and talk to someone directly.  Had a chat with the postmaster, he told me that sometimes packages get lost temporarily in the system.  Once they’re located, it’s sorted out, doesn’t take very long, perhaps it was misplaced in a truck, or a sorting facility, not to worry.

More time goes by.  Finally this morning I talked to Miss via text and she said it still had not arrived!  Honestly!  I called the post office again and spoke to the postmaster.  He told me that they’d done their due diligence and were going to cut me a check for the insurance cost, since they can’t seem to find the package.  Again, so sorry, things do get lost.  The postal service isn’t infallible.  Through rain, sleet and snow, but sometimes a package can get lost between Point A and B.  It happens.

So, I get return on the value of the items, but I’d prefer to have had the package delivered the way it was designed to be.  Certainly can’t put a value on the paddle I’d saved for the right occasion, someone else is going to be reading that note I wrote for Miss..and then they’ll be able to use the main item for it’s intended purpose.

Bah, hate the USPS right now.