January 11, 2017

Breaking down

  • Weight: 285
  • BP: 130/75

Dear Miss:

Over the years your boy has had aches and pains, but over the last 6 months, it seems he’s had more than ever before.  It seemed to all start several months ago when he was at work, lifting a 40 lb box of chicken when he had a sharp pain in his right wrist.  The pain stayed with him, it didn’t go away as other aches and pains have over the years.  The next time that he had a Dr appointment he mentioned it to the doctor and he suggested using an over the counter wrist brace, that had metal plates in it, to keep the wrist rigid so whatever had been injured was able to heal.  Grand idea, except for boy’s job is very labor intensive, so there’s really not too much time for ‘leaving it be’ and it continually gets tested every day that he works.

Even so, your boy tried the brace and has been wearing it at work, but as expected, there’s little to no progress in healing.  Your boy consulted his Doctor again, and the doctor suggested going to physical therapy.  Your boy went to the PT place, spoke to the therapist and underwent his tests, before having the therapist come up with a series of exercises that would be done in-house as well as in your boy’s home.  Over the last 2 1/2 months, your boy has been dutifully going to PT, and doing the exercises, which mostly have to do with stretching, and manipulating the injured area but there doesn’t seem to be any progress in healing.  Your boy has talked to the therapist more than a few times, asking him what the end result would be, and the therapist has said more than once that he’s trying to strengthen the area that was injured, but without your boy being able to rest that area for a significant period of time, all the work seems to be for naught.  But it’s worth a try, at least until the insurance runs out.

In the intervening time, your boy has been using his non-dominant hand/arm for more things and probably has over taxed that area as well, since yesterday he felt a sharp pain in his left shoulder.  The pain stayed fairly steady throughout the day and by the time he got home, it was pretty noticeable.  Enough that your boy took a shower and let the hot water pound on that spot, then post shower your boy worked some Ben-Gay into the area.  Over the course of the evening it felt a little better, but by no means perfect.  There was a definite burning sensation as the analgesic cream worked its way into the skin and muscle, but that soon went away and there was the warming sensation that’s indicative of what it does for you.  This morning it still hurts, but certainly not as bad as it was yesterday.

It definitely seems acute when your boy is stretching that shoulder putting on a shirt, or removing one (or a coat etc.) but the analgesic is helping to a certain degree, so today being your boy’s day off from work, perhaps the rest and recuperation will pay some dividends.  At any rate, it’s getting warmer here, it’s already in the 40s today and that’s certainly far better than the teens and single digits it was last week and over the weekend.