• Weight: 284
  • BP: Elevated

Dear Miss:

On the night of the 30th, your boy was chatting with you, and suddenly there was a loud buzzing sound from under his computer, then there was a very distinct burnt electrical smell and his UPS started emitting a long tone as everything quite suddenly shut off.  His monitor was still working, but the computer most definitely wasn’t.  Your boy spent the better part of the next hour trying to determine where the smell was coming from, but something was very obviously wrong with the computer since it wouldn’t turn on again.  He was finally able to get in touch with you again on his laptop, but you understandably were a bit upset with the way that your boy abruptly disappeared in the middle of a conversation.  Had boy been able to quickly determine what had happened, he would have contacted you again sooner…feels bad about that, but then again, he wanted to be certain that he wasn’t in the midst of burning the house down.  That’s always an important thing not to do.

Of course, while he was troubleshooting, time slipped away and he didn’t get to bed until almost 2 am the next morning.  Seeing as he was scheduled for an early shift and had to get up at 5, that made for a very short sleep period.  Come the next morning, he was most definitely feeling the lack of sleep, but seeing as it was his own doing, there wasn’t much to be said or done about it.  Your boy has New Year’s Day off so he’s going to catch up a bit on his sleep today, as he has his inventory on Monday, and will need to be going to bed early on Sunday evening.

Getting back to the computer problem, your boy is about 60% sure that it’s the power supply that failed.  Upon opening the case, he determined the only thing that smelled like burnt component was the power supply in the bottom of the case.  Certainly, the case was way overdue for a cleaning, as was the area behind his computer desk, the dust bunnies have been frolicking and expanding their numbers en masse, to the point where it might have caused a problem on their own.  Boy is going to have to order a new power supply, either from one of the two vendors that he uses the most (NewEgg or TigerDirect) or from Amazon.  Generally, your boy doesn’t buy computer components from Amazon; some exceptions would be things like routers or switches or things of that nature when it comes to computer components, he prefers to go with the vendors that specialize in that sort of product.  For the most part, the prices are comparable, and there’s a better selection.  If worse comes to worse and it turns out that boy fried his motherboard, then he’s going to have to get a whole new system…well not a completely new one, but at the very least a new motherboard.  He can reuse a lot of the components in the one he has now, the case, the processing unit (the chip), the memory, hard drives and CD/DVD drives that are currently installed the current case are all still salvageable and wouldn’t have been affected by a failing power supply.  boy did a little checking and he could probably get a suitable i5 compatible motherboard for about $100-150, which is a good price for something that’s a generation out from the current offerings by Intel.  Buying/upgrading to an i7 series chip doesn’t make a lot of sense since boy isn’t running a gaming rig and doesn’t have a need for all of that computing power.

If anything perhaps this was all a blessing in disguise.  At the very least it got boy to give the area behind the computer desk a good cleaning, there were a lot of unnecessary cables from components that no longer are working, (or even connected) and even the phone line that had for 15 years been connected to the DSL modem and accompanying phone needed to be coiled up and moved out.

boy will be keeping you updated on the progress with the computer, for the time being, he’s still (obviously) connected since he still has 3 working laptops.  The only wrinkle right now is his email program is locked on the desktop on one of the hard drives.  If the problem continues for an interminable amount of time, boy will have to excise the Thunderbird information from the hard drive and integrate it into the laptop, to keep up with his various email accounts.

But that’s a discussion for another day.

Your boy