December 26, 2016

Tallying the Christmas Haul

  • Weight: 283
  • BP: 128/75

Dear Miss:

Yesterday was Christmas, and even though your boy doesn’t have too much immediate family, he still does have a few relatives scattered here and there (either through his adoptive parents or his recently discovered birth mother) so there have been holiday greetings sent or received from the various persons that your boy is still in touch with.  The only one that he exchanged gifts with this year was his birth mother, whom he didn’t know was still alive until earlier this year (Feb 6th to be exact).  She’s been trying to catch up all year for the 50 years she wasn’t able to wish him birthday greetings and so on, and she sent him a Christmas present, along with one for his wife.  (Obviously, she doesn’t know about you yet, but had she, boy is sure she would have sent one to you as well…she’s pretty understanding about a great many things…)

Over the many months that he’s been in contact with his birth mother, she’s come to understand your boy’s fascination (and appreciation) for fire departments, fire trucks, fire services and the like.  In keeping with that theme, she sent a White House Christmas Ornament for his tree…and just coincidentally this year’s offering was a fire truck, specifically one commemorating the administration of Herbert Hoover, and the occasion of the Christmas Eve fire at the White House in 1929.  Since your boy hasn’t been able in recent years to replace the angel that used to decorate the top of his Christmas tree (haven’t been able to find a suitable one) he opted to put the ornament at the top of his tree this year, and it should be staying there for the remainder of the time that the tree is up this year.  Typically, boy and his wife adhere to the ‘12 Days of Christmas‘ tradition  that was practiced in your boy’s family, whereby starting with Dec 25th, the tree stays up and decorated until January 6th (12 days later) and at that point, the tree is undecorated and stored away until the following December.  The only change here is, boy and his wife have an artificial tree, and boy’s family always cut a fresh one every year.  The artificial one saves money and it’s symmetrical every year (so long as the cat doesn’t try to either climb it or bend down the lower branches).

As your boy may have mentioned before, there’s a couple that boy and his wife are friends with,  (boy sort of inherited them from wife, as she knew them when they lived in the area and worked at the same place she did) and every year boy and his wife exchange gifts with them for Christmas in lieu of family.  Just a sort of tradition that developed over the years, seemed useful so boy just went with it. Wife continually says that boy is difficult to shop for since rarely does he have a ‘wish list’ per se if he sees something that interests him, he tends to buy it or doesn’t always make his wishes known.  The last couple of years he’s been a bit better about this, and hence has gotten presents that follow some sort of theme.  Last year it was casual clothing (sweatpants and the like) and this year it had to do with pizza.  Specifically, making pizza at home.  Your boy has tried out making pizza in his oven, and has mentioned to you more than once about how difficult it was, without being able to specifically use a pizza peel to assemble the pizza on, and be able to ‘shovel’ it into the oven, and how his first couple attempts didn’t do so well.  That being known, and transmitted to the friends in North Carolina, boy ended up with not only a homeowner’s size pizza peel, he also was gifted with a pizza cutter that would seem more in keeping with a pizzeria, rather than your average home.  boy does have a ‘pizza wheel’ cutter, but this one will cut a little more evenly, and with one swipe across the pie in every direction necessary.  Storing these monsters proved to be a bit of a challenge, but fortunately, your boy was sufficiently ingenuitive and found places for them to go.

Finally, in the same genre, your boy has been needing more knife storage since he got that large shipment of stuff from Chef’s Catalog as they were going out of business earlier this year.  To wit, he purchased several chef knives, several paring knives from different quality manufacturers’, and even a sudoku knife as well as some dishes and other sundries that were at great prices.  For the time being the knives have been ensconced in drawers as well as in his old maple knife block, but they’ve been in dire need of a more permanent place, some location where they won’t get dinged up, will stay sharp and won’t be an accidental menace to navigation through the small galley kitchen we presently occupy.  Christmas morning, there was a very long gift that appeared to be very magnetic!  Upon opening, it was a 16″ all metal knife magnetic strip!  Very powerful one too.  After opening presents and having a late breakfast, your boy installed it to the right of the sink, and it’s working very well.  boy is quite pleased with it.

Rounding out his Christmas, he received a book, a bottle of his favorite cologne, a novelty item from the Harry Potter Universe and a snazzy tool box that was fully equipped.  All in all, your boy made out pretty well.

Your boy