December 22, 2016

Those Big Ticket Items


  • Weight: 281
  • BP: 130/75

Dear Miss:

Your boy has been thinking for a couple of years about increasing the amount of freezer space he has in the house.  He has at present a small Kenmore refrigerator that has a small freezer space above the refrigeration area.  The refrigerator itself came with the house, so it’s at least nearly 20 years old and probably in need of replacing itself.  The wife has been making noises more than once about wanting to get a newer, more efficient model.  Of course, seeing as boy and his wife live in a house that’s 178 years old (built in 1838, how about them apples!) doing any sort of quasi-modern remodeling has to take a lot of things into consideration.  A fact that more than one of the previous owners dealt with, with varying successes (and failures).  The people that boy and his wife bought the house from had solved the problem by having an upright freezer in the small storage area off the kitchen, sort of a ‘larder’ that was created when the bathroom was carved out of a closet on the main floor.  The space behind the tub was left open and it was made a nice little storage area.  How they managed to squeeze in the freezer is anyone’s guess (took a bit of finagling to get it back out again!) but about a year after the house was purchased, the freezer died.  Six months using it as storage was about enough and wife decided that she wished to have it gone and use the vacated place for dry storage of food and sundries.

There were enough other items in the house that needed either recycling or straight out removal that boy contacted a hauler that used his own trailer.  The trailer was dropped off for a few days, boy and his wife managed to fill it with enough items to make the transfer fee at the county dump worthwhile.

Over the last few months, boy has been considering purchasing a chest freezer for the basement, to supplant the upstairs small freezer on the refrigerator.  At the very least boy could start making meals ahead, and storing them for a time when he doesn’t necessarily feel like cooking.  With the small capacity of the upstairs freezer being so small, it just seems a worthwhile consideration.  Too, your boy has been concerned over the last bit of time about the amount of sugar and other preservatives in his food, and if he can do more cooking on his own that should reduce that by some degree.

Fortunately, during or after the Christmas season, a lot of stores have sales, and boy could probably get one relatively inexpensively.  Though it would have to be the right one, not too small, and not too big.  Sometimes boy has a tendency to get something that’s too large, when something a size smaller would be just right.

Something more to consider….boy will keep you updated, Miss.