December 21, 2016

Making Headway

  • Weight: 292
  • BP: 128/75

Dear Miss:

By your boy’s count, only 4 more days until Christmas.  In boy’s opinion, as in other years, it’s none too soon.  Work-wise, his wrist is still bothering him, and the physical therapy doesn’t seem to be helping at all, so come the new year, he’s going to be having a chat with his GP about possibly trying a cortisone shot.  At the very least it might give him some relief for a few months.  Certainly your boy doesn’t wish to be wearing a wrist brace for the remainder of his life, and his working days.  Just a bit unwieldy, and already your boy is getting tired of wearing it.

Work is getting more busy the closer it gets to the holiday but that makes sense.  The closer it gets typically, the more people get frantic and need to go to the store to get things ‘right now‘.  And that of course means people get a little more testy to one another, and generally your typical retail person is going to bear the brunt of some of their less than Christmas cheer.  boy can well understand someone has their heart set on a prime rib that has ‘just the right amount of fat to meat ratio‘, but think about it…it’s a piece of meat.  Add in the people that have never tried to roast something that complicated before..and you’re asking for trouble.  boy had one woman that said she’d never considered making a rib roast before, but her husband said he wanted one, so here she was thinking about buying a $75 piece of meat.  She had it cut the way she thought she wanted it, and as I was presenting it to her, she said “Now, how am I going to cook it?” and looked at me as if I was going to give her just the right answer.  My rather reasonable response was to say “You don’t have a recipe that you’re following?”  No, of course not.  She came into the store, ready to blow $75-100 on a really pricey piece of meat and had NO clue how she was going to prepare it.

Fortunately, the corporate brainiacs up in Buffalo sent down a sheet that gave guidelines about what temp, how long and so on for preparing things like rib roasts, so your boy showed it to her.  “Oh, can I have this?”  No Ma’am, you can’t.  It’s the only copy (I) have, so you’re going to have to take down the information.  And no, boy isn’t going to come home with you and prepare it, and you better darn well not come back to us the day after Christmas complaining (and wanting a refund) because it came out dry, or you overcooked it and think you’re going to blame us for you trying something that was outside of your comfort zone, just to please the hubby and his family.  Or your family.  Or someone else.  It’s not our responsibility.

Anyway.  The ramp up to Christmas is always a hectic time of year at work.  At home, not so much.  boy tends to put things off, like trimming the tree, wrapping presents, there was even one year when he was shopping on Christmas Eve…in a mall..and (surprise!) not finding much of anything, because the stores were already pretty well picked over.  Over the last few years, boy and his wife have done virtually ALL of their Christmas shopping online.  Pick out what you want, get a coupon for free shipping, one doesn’t have to interact with the public, and things get shipped to the house.  Very easy, and very non-stressful.  boy remembers going to the mall, or to individual stores, driving to Rochester with his wife, braving the crowds, having to wait while wife took a rest halfway through the foray, carrying packages to the car on numerous trips, and so on.  He was a lot younger then.  She was a lot younger then.  Shopping online seems way easier.  And it is.  But then again, it doesn’t necessarily support the local stores as much as it needs to.  So there’s an upside and down to it as well.

4 more days…and then it will be 365 more days until Christmas 2017!

Your boy