December 16, 2016

Bone chillin’ cold

  • Weight: 282
  • BP: 128/74

Dear Miss:

One knows it’s cold when one needs to take 2 showers a day just to stay warm in one’s house.  Another way of telling, is when a boy is at PT, and he laments over the warming blanket going away after being left on boy’s wrist for almost too long.  Third way is that boy has been not using his desktop computer so much, he spends more time in the den, sitting on the couch using his laptop wirelessly.

Over the last few days the temperature has dropped considerably, and it hasn’t warmed up all that much during the daytime.  Your boy notes that Winter Solstice is coming along soon, we’ll hit the shortest day of the year (Dec 21st) and that will herald the official beginning of winter, and the days will slowly (very slowly) start to get longer again as the march begins once more towards June of 2017, which will be the longest.

There was a forewarning of the cold snap from the weather service at the very least this time, saying that most of the Northeast was going to be feeling the bite of the cold, and that’s (for once) not been too much of a misnomer.  Yesterday while going to work, your boy was somewhat late (as usual) and watching people skidding through intersections, as well as forgetting that a little snowfall (got about 1/2″ here) causes people to forget how to drive.  Thank goodness boy only has to drive a little under a mile to work, and doesn’t have to make his way along the Interstate to his workplace.

Another topic that has been rearing it’s head in boy’s thought processes is moving the desktop computer elsewhere in the house, from the place where it’s been since boy and his wife moved here 15 years ago.  If he were to move it to a different part of the house (a part that’s covered by the furnace in the house) boy probably wouldn’t get the impression that he and wife don’t spend a lot of time in the part of the house that’s being warmed to a balmy 68º, instead of the unheated addition, that hovers around 60º and is serviced by two electric space heaters.  It’s never been a very suitable setup, but it’s the one room in the house that has 2 bay windows.  And the cable hookup is there too.  So most of the time boy and his wife are in there…go figure, right?

Weather report is also calling for 3-6″ of snow tonight, so commuting to work will be interesting in the morning.  At least boy will be going to work relatively later than he does in the beginning of the week, so the roads should be cleared, and traffic will be lighter due to it being the weekend.  There are some perks to working weekends, this seems to be one of them.

Just now need the temperature to warm up a bit!

This be a Holidailies Post!