Let it SNOW!

  • Weight: 282
  • BP: 135/75

Dear Miss:

Last year the weather pundits were saying it was going to be a really wet and snowy winter.  Boy were they ever wrong!  As it turned out, it only snowed a couple of times for the whole season, and your boy only had to drag out his old snowblower once.  And that was for wet stuff that could barely be chewed up and spit out by the old girl.  For the remainder of the year, everyone was lamenting over the fact of the ‘green’ winter that was churned out by 2015-2016.  Many were blaming global warming, others had their own pet theories.  By late summer into early fall, the pundits were saying that this winter was going to by far exceed the paltry snow totals of last year.

Well, if yesterday/last night is any indicator…they may finally be right.  By your boy’s estimate, about 3-4 inches of accumulation arrived.  Boy took about 15 minutes to clear the walkway to the house, as well as shovel the driveway.  Opted not to try to get the snowblower going, although it would have been the perfect type of snow for it to chug through, the older it gets, the more it seems to prefer the powdery stuff over the caked up, soggy, water laden and heavy snow that can easily clog up the auger.  More than once your boy has tried to clean out the auger and forgotten that it’s probably not a good idea to do it while the engine is running.  Fortunately, your boy still has all his fingers…

Your boy