Tell us a story about snow…


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Dear Miss:

boy decided to use a generic prompt from Holidailies today instead of coming up with his own journal entry, so here goes.  The prompt said “Tell us a story about snow…”   Here goes:

As much as when there was something to remember on the tv show The Golden Girls, Sofia would bring the audience back to the past with the iconic words “Picture it…”

So, picture it. The winter of 1972-73.  Upstate NY.  A house in a cul-de-sac in the upper suburbs of NYC, middle class family.  Mom, Dad, 2 boys, one aged 7, the other 9.  The weather report has been warning of coming snow for the last several days, it’s in a time when weather reporting wasn’t much better than it had been for the last 100 years, even though there were weather satellites in orbit they didn’t do much for weather prediction more than when a weatherman had a good idea of sticking his head out the window and seeing what was happening outside.

One day in December, it starts to spit and sputter snow.  The large flakes that everyone knows and enjoys, the ones that have been remembered and emblazoned on countless pictures, Christmas cards and posters, that show the flakes so massively huge that you can literally see that no two are exactly alike.  Or ever will be.  Seeing the beginnings of the massive pile of snow that is to come.  It’s a day like so many others in the winter season, but there’s going to be record snowfall tonight.  The kids keep peeking out the window, or looking out counting the inches as they pile up.  Dad has stoked the fire in the fireplace, and it’s nice and warm in the family room, where the tv is set up and shows are watched, but the kids are spending more time staring out the windows as the snow continues to fall.  There’s little chance that the power might go out, the snow, while coming down in great numbers of flakes, is light and powdery, not heavy and dangerous….so as the boys go to bed, they’re already planning together and separately what they’re going to be doing tomorrow, as there’s little chance that there will be school.  And they’ll have all day to play.

Come the morning, it’s a winter wonderland.  It’s still snowing when the boys awake, looking out the window at the splendor of white that amazes them.  The snow is better than 18 inches already and Mom passes on the good news.  School has been cancelled!  Hooray!  Dad has already taken the tractor out in the early morning and cleared the driveway so he could get to work, the kids are still too young to help out in that respect, but they’re able to shovel the walk together and make sure the snow isn’t piled up too much around the garage door, so Dad can get the car in when he comes home from work that afternoon.

The boys have Flexible Flyer sleds, along with relatively new plastic sleds that they got last year for Christmas.  The neighbors have five boys, and they’re getting ready to go outside just the same as the boys are; both boys are wearing galoshes and snow suits, with long underwear under that and bundled up like little snowmen, since they’re going to be having a great time sledding and playing in the snow for hours on end.

… to be continued

This is a Holidailies post.