December 5, 2016

It’s beginning to look a lot like….


  • Weight: 280
  • BP: 130/75

Dear Miss:

In your boy’s life nowadays, there’s no such thing as a ‘typical’ Christmas.  Since he works in retail, he’s been used to working many a Christmas Eve, usually starting late in the evening on the 23rd, and finishing up at 6:30 or so on the 24th.  That was when he was working in the bakery, and pulled an all nighter in order to get the baked goods made, the doughnuts freshly created and decorated, not to mention all the other stuff that needed to be produced for the onslaught that was to come.  Your boy always slept most of Christmas Eve, and then did his Christmas shopping last minute.  Since your boy hardly ever plans ahead.

Over the last 10 years or so, he’s been shuffled from one department to another, and only in the last 3 years has he actually had both ends of Christmas off.  (not having to go into work on Christmas night into Boxing Day or the day after Christmas is fairly unfamiliar territory still)  For the most part, the ‘mystery’ of the holiday has been lost to the ages, so many old traditions that his family used to do have been discontinued, not carried over or just left in the past.  Some like his mother’s over the top OCD habit of saving wrapping paper is a footnote now, boy’s wife never understood it, so while boy feels a bit guilty about opening presents by tearing off the wrapping, he does it for the sake of keeping the peace.

Trimming a tree has also been mostly discontinued, your boy has an artificial tree (a very nice one) but he also has a 17 lb cat who likes to climb and explore, so the tree has been relegated to the basement for the last few years.  boy’s wife purchased a pre-decorated tree 2 years ago, and that stands in for the other one.  No muss, no fuss and the cat actually leaves that tree alone.  Of course it also sits in the corner of the living room for the other 11 months of the year, so he’s used to it being around.  One can’t necessarily do that with a 7 ft artificial un-decorated tree.  Not that it hasn’t been suggested, just seems like a bad idea somehow.

Going to the mall to brick and mortar stores isn’t much done as it has been since online shopping has become easier.  Back in the day, boy and his wife would traipse to any one of three malls in the area to do shopping, and come home a bit footsore, maybe a little cranky, but with sufficient gifts to sate all the people who needed to be shopped for.  Considering that neither your boy or his wife have had large families, that was fairly simple to accomplish.  Now, with a lot of places offering free shipping, it’s almost easier to shop online, have items shipped to the house and do the wrapping here, placing items under the tree, or shipping them out-of-state to the people who your boy and his wife ‘share’ the holiday with.

About the only ‘tradition’ that’s carried on is your boy’s love of holiday music.  While it’s true that he’s no longer religious in any way, he still likes the older music of the performers that his parents listened to and that he grew up with.  Artists like Andy Williams, Mitch Miller, Bing Crosby, Perry Como, etc.  Again with the assistance of the Internet, your boy can listen to this without a problem, using Spotify.  Your boy tried Pandora, but it didn’t really appeal to him; he also has an iPod Nano, but that’s relegated to his alarm clock upstairs, so it doesn’t travel at all.  Your boy mentioned more than once he needs to change the music on the Nano so he can wake to new music…or a new rotation.  That hasn’t been done yet.  Three guesses as to why?

Definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas, little by little it will creep in and bring a boy into the spirit of the season.  More or less.

Your boy

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