December 1, 2016

Brick by brick


  • Weight: 281
  • BP: 128/74

Dear Miss:

In the movie Seabiscuit, the jockey Red Pollard, was a student of Shakespeare.  One of the many quotes he used during the movie was “Brick by brick my citizens, brick by brick..” In actuality this is not an exact quote by any play that was penned by Shakespeare.  Rather, it was a quote from the Roman Emperor Hadrian; but regardless, the meaning of it is essentially, ‘step by step’. Step by step is something your boys is well acquainted with right now.  Considering how much trouble he’s had with what might be  (for some) cleaning a room in his house; it’s been more of a process than that.  And a bone of contention as well.  But thankfully, you’ve enough patience to see your boy through…at least probably partially because he’s not in the same state as you.  Had he been…well things might have gone a little differently this week.

Suffice to say though, your boy and you had a conversation on the phone yesterday evening, and a good many things were discussed, one of them being how to tackle the cleaning dilemma.  In your wisdom, you decided the ‘brick by brick’ approach was better, and had your boy do a little bit at a time, rather than trying to take down large swaths and ultimately fail to do so, for whatever reason.  Even so, other things reared their head today and prevented your boy from doing more, but that’s what happens when other commitments are necessary to attend to.  That’s life too.20161201_173154

There’s more to do in the coming days, though boy’s vacation is rapidly drawing to a close.  Even so, there’s time for a few more magic tricks to appear, and perhaps even a completely clean room.  We shall see, won’t we Miss?


This is a Holidailies post.