November 26, 2016

You have a week off, what are you going to do with it, boy?

  • Weight: 284
  • BP: 128/76

Dear Miss:

As you’re aware, your boy requested a week’s vacation and has started it as of yesterday when he got off from work.  He has 8 days (one week and one day off from the previous work week) off this time, with a further 2 weeks of vacation time to take before April 2017, but your boy generally doesn’t go anywhere on his vacations.  Mostly the time is spent at home, vegging a bit, doing some odd jobs around the house, but for the most part not too much gets accomplished.  Sure, your boy always has grandiose plans, but his nasty habit of procrastination keeps him from accomplishing the grand schemes that his mind dreams up.

You’ve mentioned more than once that you’d like to excise your boy of the habit, but it’s pretty deeply ingrained in him.  Case in point would be today, although boy did go to bed at a decent hour last night (10:30 pm) upon waking up at 6:30 this morning, he didn’t immediately start working.  Instead, he came downstairs and did some things, puttered for the most part, and wiled away a couple of hours reading news and political reports, went to Facebook as well as some other websites and updated himself on current events, as well as some self entertaining, as boys have a tendency to do.

It’s certainly be a while since your boy had what might be called a -real- vacation.  Your boy doesn’t really count this past August, when he went back home to visit his birth mother, and do some family business on the adopted side, that needed to be attended to.  That was a rather whirlwind 3 days, and granted it was in the middle of his scheduled vacation from work.  Some sightseeing, some down time, but it was in mostly familiar territory.  Your boy equates a ‘vacation’ with time spent in a place that one travels to; in unfamiliar territory…sightseeing, and so on.  The last time your boy had a vacation of that sort was 2009.

So, what’s on tap for this 8 day extravaganza you might ask?  boy doesn’t have a completely detailed list, but certainly he’s planning on working to pare down the amount of stuff in and around the house, cleaning up some on the outside of the house (if it ever stops raining here) and working on sorting the basement out to make more things can be stored down there and not mold like they have been in years past.

Your boy will be updating you on his progress, and hopefully by December 4th, things will be easier to walk through in the house and there will be some progress made towards decorating the house a bit for the upcoming holiday season.  Miracles have happened before!


The path has arteries

  • Weight: 284
  • BP: 130/75

Dear Miss:

Your boy hasn’t written in several days, but with our revised understanding that’s not something to be so concerned about.  Even though he hasn’t been writing, he’s still been thinking, and pondering about the world that we’re going to build in the years to come.

You stated a while ago that you were going to build a ‘pack’, and your boy was going to be a part of it, a significant part as he understood it at the time.  While you were going to obviously be the Alpha, your boy would be one of the trainers of the pack, considering his prior knowledge and years of participating as well as understanding and growing within the BDSM scene.

Your boy noticed that you posted a question in the last few days about what the connection (or is there one) between a poly situation and a pack.  While a lot of the answers seemed to address the question, most of them didn’t seem to address it in any detail; they were variations on a theme, a poly family to a certain extent is a pack in another name and description, at least as your boy understands it, or has seen it applied.  In The Ethical Slut the authors go into quite a bit of detail about how to proceed in a poly situation, how to address it and so on.  That being said, poly doesn’t have one textbook flavor.  How it can be done is in the same vein as a how-to of BDSM.  No two people (or couples or groups) do it the same way.  While there are certain no-nos that everyone is aware of (or should be), the rest is up to the interpretation of the people that are engaging in it.  That’s one of the many things that makes BDSM so interesting.  The textbook can be interpreted so many different ways, that no way is really, technically wrong.  Granted they all may not work out, or may not be feasible, but it’s not really incorrect.

You and your boy are always discussing ‘the future’ and how it will transpire.  That in and of itself is a fluid conversation, since the ‘how’ and ‘manner’ are always going to be in flux.  Once you and your boy are able to sit down and map things out better, adding in the interpersonal and real life ramifications, it will probably go better and faster.  It’s not wrong necessarily to dream, just have to be sure that we both realize that dreams and fantasy fodder don’t always translate to the here and now.

“Perchance to dream..”  Nothing wrong with that.