November 11, 2016

(I) Support POTUS

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Dear Miss:

Your boy wrote a piece on the just finished election, and posted it on Fetlife a few minutes ago.  He’s copying it here, because he believes it needs to be said, and said somewhere other than where one has to be vetted in order to see it.  Yes it’s written in first person, but your boy believes you’ll forgive that, due to the content and where it was copied from.

I support POTUS

I know when people read the title, they’re going to say “You’re for Trump??”

No, I’m not. I didn’t vote for him, I didn’t believe for one moment he was going to be the Republican candidate for President, and I certainly didn’t think he was going to prevail in the election on Tuesday.

Nevertheless, he won. That’s what a democracy is all about, that’s how things are done in this country. Candidates run, someone is elected, some people are going to be giddy, others despondent. Winners, Losers…it’s all how it’s supposed to go.

In 2017 there’s going to be a new President of the United States sitting in Washington, DC. Not since Woodrow Wilson will there have been someone in the Oval Office who has had virtually no experience whatsoever in politics or the military. Is that going to be a good thing? Remains to be seen. Certainly President Trump is going to have a series of very large hills to climb, first with coming to grips with what he’s gotten himself into, and secondly with appeasing all the people that he promised whatever to get to where he is now.

Presidential candidates make promises to get elected. Well, all candidates make promises in order to gain support, votes, etc. But by and large Presidential candidates are pretty much the worst when it comes to this. Because they want the office so bad, they’ll practically sell their soul to get it. And once in office, a lot of the promises are found to be quite hollow. Others are impossible to keep We all know it in the electorate, but we accept it as part of the system and it happens all over again.

When Barrack Obama was elected in 2008, one of his big promises was to close the detention center that had been built attached to our naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. ‘Gitmo’ is still in operation, 8 years later. Could he have closed it? Sure, he could have…but it wouldn’t have made anyone safer, and the obvious question would be…where do those prisoners go? They can’t come to the US, since if they did they would be afforded due process, and apparently that’s not something anyone in this government wants, Republican OR Democrat. They can’t go to other countries, because of the fact that they might be released once out of US military control. So the detention center in Cuba has to remain open, because that conundrum can’t be so easily resolved.

Getting back to the topic of this piece, I have to say this. I’m an American citizen. I support the rule of law. Without law there’s Anarchy. In spite of many instances of the police not following the law, just doing whatever they feel like (shooting unarmed people without due cause et al) I still support having police and enforcing agencies, because without it…yup…anarchy. I have a big pet peeve about police vehicles speeding on highways because they feel they’re above the law. That’s my peeve..I know others that feel the same way, and about some police officers believing the law doesn’t apply to them, because they’re the enforcers. Well, that’s not right either. I remember a line from an old 1970s show, where a police officer parked in a handicapped spot and a child spoke up telling him he needed to move his vehicle. The officer agreed and moved his car….saying “the police need to follow the rules, like everyone else.”

We’re a country of over 300 million people. According to this website there are approximately 231 million eligible voters in the United States. In the election that just concluded, less than HALF cast ballots (A little over 131 million). Now we know that for a long time the problem of voter apathy is rife, people just don’t feel (for whatever reason) that their vote counts. A lot of them because of the elections of this year and 2000, where the popular vote didn’t match up with the Electoral College. The founders of this country didn’t trust large groups of people to make a decision. They wanted a new system where large voting blocks (cities) were countered (or checked) by a way to collectively gather together smaller blocks (rural areas) and give them a voice. So we the people don’t elect the leader of our country. We elect representatives or ‘electors’, who do the actual electing. There have been several memes on Facebook in the last day or so, that suggested there’s a way for Mrs. Clinton to still win the election. If a large number of electors were to ‘defect’, vote contrary to the way they were selected, she could still win. Theoretically, that’s true. Electors aren’t necessarily bound by the candidate they were selected to vote for. There have been 157 instances where electors have ‘defected’, voted opposite to what they were supposed to do. Some were crises of conscience, others were because a candidate unexpectedly died between the time of the election and the time where the electors were meeting and so on. The likelihood of an immense block of electors going rogue is extremely remote.

Anyway, I’m getting off the topic here. I support POTUS. The office. Yes, in 2017 Donald J. Trump will become President of the United States of America. He will represent me to the best of his ability to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. If he doesn’t…well there’s recourse. Legal ones. No President is a dictator. This isn’t Escape from LA. It’s 2016.


Your boy spent a good deal of time crafting this Miss.  he believes it was time well spent.  Your boy is interested in your viewpoint as well.