November 7, 2016

“It no longer fits..” (A lament)

  • Weight: 279
  • BP: 129/78

Dear Miss:

boy had a rather long day at work, but this post has more to do with boy’s toy collection than anything else.  As boy has mentioned more than a few times, he’s been in the BDSM scene for over 30 years.  Certainly not all of that time was spent actively participating, but boy has been able to participate as much as he could, with people that he’s met, cultivated, even trained for service.  But your boy digresses.

Over the years, your boy has added to his toy collection, and now all of this time later, there are things in the collection that no longer fit, for whatever reason.  boy, being the pack rat that he is, doesn’t hardly ever throw anything away, or sell things that don’t fit anymore.  Some of that is due to nostalgia, there are a couple of collars that boy had and used 20 plus years ago when he was subbing the first time, and to throw those things away (or sell them) would be an affront, or forgetting where he came from, or what he once was.

There are other things that he picked up along the way that he has no use for really.  Someone on a BDSM board was selling their toy collection and boy purchased it lock stock and barrel, when it all arrived there were things that should have been tossed away immediately (like a hairbrush that has ‘slave trainer’ scrawled into the handle) as well as things that were never going to become part of boy’s collection, but his pack rat genes caused him to keep it ‘just in case’.  The old “one never knows when this might come in handy..” adage.  boy would never have use for a ratty wig, but there it sits regardless, in the toy bag right between the quasi chastity belt and the rubber breast harness.

boy has been meaning to make a catalog of his toys, taking pictures of them and being better acquainted with what he has, and what might need to be set aside, or offered up for sale somewhere.  There have been some mentions of kinky rummage sales at some of the events near here.  boy might need to look into that as well.  eBay is a good resource as is Fetlife.

More things for the to do list, Miss.  boy’s dance card just seems to be filling up more and more.  Good thing winter is on the way, and boy can get his list of chores completed before Spring!

boy hopes you had a great day Miss and he’ll speak to you soon.