November 6, 2016

Getting back into the swing

  • Weight: 280
  • BP: 130/82

Dear Miss:

As you know, boy hasn’t been posting the last couple of days, due to certain things that have happened, and he understands he needs to get back to his commitment, so here he goes again.

Work today was a lovely disaster, as he messaged you on Telegram.  He knew it was going to be rough, and his wrist has again been bothering him.  Knowing that for the next 3 weeks it’s going to be turkeys, turkeys & more turkeys, he took his wrist splint to work today with him.  Darn good thing he did too.  The splint/brace did what it was supposed to do, and boy was able to get his job done better by using it.  Even though boy does have a limited range of motion with his wrists, the brace gave just enough support that boy was able to do his work without his arm screaming in pain.  Even so, he has a few things he needs to speak to the PT (Physical Therapist) about on Wednesday; the pain seems to be situated a little more up the arm than the wrist, but he doesn’t expect the therapist to be terribly surprised by that.  When the therapist does his work on boy’s arm, that’s one of the areas that he concentrates on as well.  But still, more information is helpful in the long run, isn’t it?

The day went by pretty quickly.  Even with the time change, boy did manage to get almost a full 8 hours of sleep, when the alarm went off at 4:45 am, boy was dreaming about something regarding work, and was surprised by the alarm…although it’s not really an alarm, just a playlist on his iPod…a reminder that he needs to change some of the songs on the playlist, as they’re playing a lot over and over and need to be switched out.

Tomorrow is a different sort of day, it starts out with inventory and then goes on from there.  Mondays are generally a little less hectic, which is a good thing overall, since if it was a madhouse, it wouldn’t behoove or be good for the department, as being short staffed and swamped is a bad combination.  boy will be getting to work at 5 am, but will be getting out of work at 1:30, so for him that’s a good thing, so he can get some things accomplished before he might need a nap.

It’s now 8 pm.  boy needs to be going to sleep, so he will wish you a good night, and a good tomorrow.  You are loved, and have been missed today, but boy knows you will be in touch when you can.  good night, Miss.