November 2, 2016

A sense of accomplishment

  • Weight: 279
  • BP: 130/82

Dear Miss:

boy had his PT appointment this morning, the therapist is still working on his wrist, and boy is hoping that the therapy will do what it’s supposed to do over the alloted time that his insurance will pay (20 sessions).  A good amount of exercises, some work on a hand bike, a stationary rowing machine and some ultrasound treatment is the prescription that your boy has been getting, but boy is still skeptical that it’s going to have the required effect before the treatment is over.

boy has been wearing his wrist brace after coming home, and wore it while he was raking leaves this afternoon.  boy purchased a leaf blower last year (handheld) and made use of it today, since doing all the work with the rake wouldn’t have been a good idea.  As it was, boy used both of his rakes, and the blower rather sparingly.  When all was said and done, and the leaves were safely on the curb, boy mowed the lawn, but didn’t use the bagger, just mulched what leaves were left on the lawn, since there’s more leaves to come, and this won’t be the last time boy mows the lawn either.  Too, it’s supposed to rain either tonight or tomorrow, so that will help in the long run towards fertilizing the lawn, using the mulched leaves and grass clippings, instead of putting them in the bagger and depositing them on the compost pile behind the garage.

Getting things like that done give your boy a great sense of accomplishment, something that moves the bar a little closer towards being ready for the next season around here.  Much like in the spring, when removing snow from the driveway gives way to lawn mowing and trimming, it allows your boy to feel good about getting things done.  It’s something that your boy has been doing most of his life, considering that he grew up in a home that had close to 3 acres of lawn to keep cut back, as well as 20 plus trees that deposited a hideous amount of leaves every fall.  Back then, leaf burning was allowed to a certain extent and just about anyone that had a large yard and large amount of trees was permitted to burn leaves and brush without any raised eyebrows.  Nowadays it’s very different, one needs all sorts of permits in order to do that, and it’s just sort of turned on it’s head.  But that’s a different conversation for a different day.

Your boy like to accomplish things.  It makes him feel good.  But it does anyone when they succeed in what they’re doing.

Hope that you had a good day yourself Miss, your boy thinks about you and looks forward to a time when you and he accomplish things together.

Good night, Miss.